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Watching Her (A Shy Wife's Tale) - cover

Watching Her (A Shy Wife's Tale)

Audri Nichols

Publisher: Langley's Lovelies

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Kevin has waited for the longest time to get married to his high school girlfriend and finally consummate their marriage. Once he gets there, however, he realizes that although she never denies him, she never seems like she wants to take it further.

	He's about to get a huge surprise once he realizes that Cara has never explored herself and she wants him to be there for when she does it. This shy wife may not be so shy after all.

	Warning: This story contains over 5,000 words of sexy self-love, oral sex and other naughty things.

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    To what lengths would you go to spend eternity with the were you love?Plus size Maggie Lynn knows she loves alpha wolf Jet Rogard, but does she love him enough to submit to him publicly, in front of his wolf pack, completely naked?Sometimes, it’s not about how much you love someone. Sometimes, it’s about whether you love them more than yourself.WARNING: This title contains a brand of kink not everyone likes, including BDSM elements, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and public masturbation. Be prepared to cringe, even as you crave more.- excerpt -Opening my eyes, I smiled. “Make me yours.”I felt him relax around me. “I thought you’d never ask.”Glancing back over my shoulder at him, I narrowed my gaze. “I’m not asking; I’m telling you.”His eyes lit up, honey striations glistening. A smirk curled the edges of his lips, a small growl escaping him. “Yes, ma’am.”
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    Kenton Fox is bad news and he knows it. I know it too, but there’s something irresistible about him. Something I just can’t pull myself away from.  
    I wanted this. Don’t misunderstand me. I wanted to see how submission felt, and the idea of being a rich man’s plaything was more than appealing. I wanted to be played with. I wanted to be played.  
    Eyes wide open, I walked straight into this. I helped him to create every little part of our arrangement. I let him believe that I wanted an arrangement and not a relationship. That I didn’t mind knowing that he’d never let himself fall in love with me. That me falling in love with him wasn’t allowed. I let him believe I was OK with all of that.  
    I never expected that he’d come to mean so much to me. That pleasing him would come to mean so much.  
    Presenting the Dominating Daisy Series Collection. 
    An older man and his younger plaything. Three very different scenarios.  
    A blossoming submission that will delight fans of steamy BDSM romance.
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    When the man who wants to marry you, and the man you want to marry, are not the same, what happens next? 
    And when the past is revealed, your secrets confessed, who will protect you? 
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    This Box Set Contains the following previously published books from the 'Mastering the Virgin' series: 
    Part 9 - Suitors 
    Part 10 - Penitents 
    Part 11 - Confidants 
    Part 12 - Champions 
    Total approx: 101,000 words
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    18-year-old Luke discovers that his older brother's mate and local psycho Bob can be nice and tender. An adult play for two actors. Do you have the bottle to perform this? Read on, learn your lines and give the performance of your life. All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over. This book contains explicit sexual material and is for adults only.
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  • Stories of Id - cover

    Stories of Id

    Kiki Wellington

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    If you ask Sigmund Freud, the id is the connection we have to our deepest, darkest desires. And these ladies not only connect with their id, they revel in its carnal pleasures no matter what the rest of their mind has to say about it. 
    This collection contains the following erotic stories: 
    After years of suffering the consequences of a sexual dalliance that she can’t seem to live down, Natalie begins therapy to better understand her behavior. But when she develops erotic feelings for her therapist, will she enter into yet another inappropriate relationship? 
    The Debriefing 
    Abby is thrilled to learn she's been chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime—being the lead researcher on a revolutionary sex study. It's perfect: She can advance in her career while getting serviced by several half-naked men. What could possibly go wrong? 
    There was something about Patrick that ignited a fire in me. I knew it was wrong...unprofessional. You’re not supposed to fall in lust with a patient—especially when you’re doing marriage counseling. But I couldn’t resist him and when I found out he felt the same way about me…well, the rest, shall we say, was ecstasy. 
    From the Author: 
    ADULTS ONLY PLEASE. Stories of Id is a 32,300 word collection that contains sexually explicit material and adult language. This story is not appropriate for children and may be offensive to some readers.
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