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A Duet with an Occasional Chorus - cover

A Duet with an Occasional Chorus

Arthur Conan Doyle

Publisher: libreka classics

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A Duet, with an Occasional Chorus by Arthur Conan Doyle

libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. 
Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!
Available since: 03/01/2019.
Print length: 292 pages.

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    The Stories of English

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    A groundbreaking history of worldwide English in all its dialects, differences, and linguistic delights: “Informative . . . distinctive . . . a spirited celebration.” —The Guardian 
    In this “well-informed and appealing” work (Publishers Weekly), David Crystal puts aside the usual focus on “standard” English, and instead provides a startlingly original view of where the richness, creativity, and diversity of the language truly lies—in the accents and dialects of nonstandard English users all over the world. Whatever their regional, social, or ethnic background, each group has a story worth telling, whether it is in Scotland or Somerset, South Africa or Singapore. He reminds us that for several hundred wonderful years, there was no such thing as “incorrect” English—and traces the evolution of the language from a few thousand Anglo-Saxons to the 1.5 billion people who speak it today. 
    Moving from Beowulf to Chaucer to Shakespeare to Dickens and the present day, Crystal puts regional speech and writing at center stage, giving a sense of the social realities behind the development of English. This significant shift in perspective enables us to understand for the first time the importance of everyday, previously marginalized, voices in our language—and provides an argument too for the way English should be taught in the future. 
    “A work of impeccable scholarship [that] could easily serve as a standard textbook for students of linguistics, but Mr. Crystal, reaching out to a more general audience, recognizes that even the most avid reader might flinch at the sections on Old Norse grammatical influence. Cleverly, he has sprinkled the book with little digressions, set apart in boxes, that address historical mysteries, strange loanwords, interesting etymologies and the like.” —The New York Times 
    “Learned and often provocative . . . demonstrates repeatedly that common conceptions about language are often historically inaccurate—split infinitives bothered no one until recently (likewise sentence-ending prepositions).” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) 
    “Simply the best introductory history of the English language family that we have. The plan of the book is ingenious, the writing lively, the exposition clear, and the scholarly standard uncompromisingly high.” —J.M. Coetzee, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
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    The Sermon On The Mount is one of the teachings in the ministry of Jesus Christ. In The Sermon On The Mount is found many sayings and important precepts held by Christian churches, sayings such as The Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer, and other teachings about forgiveness, giving, and the "Golden Rule" about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Men such as Tolstoy and Gandhi found special meaning in The Sermon On The Mount, and Christians have read and listened to this important portion of scripture for centuries. 
     The Bible version used for this reading is the King James Version. This traditional Bible has been praised for its poetic beauty, imagery, and its use for memorization of Bible verses. (summary by Ben Douglas)
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    Across continents and cultures, English has emerged as the shared bridge language that connects business, arts, sciences, and entertainment worldwide. In this thought-provoking and impassioned manifesto, a globally experienced EFL educator sheds light on the humanitarian importance of continuing to spread English as a universal means of communication—most notably in parts of the world where educational standards are lacking. 
    This polemical and informative guide challenges prevailing English as a Foreign Language programs that most often leave learners struggling to attain conversational English fluency, despite years of enforced study and superficially good grades, test scores, and other accolades. It boldly delves into the overlooked consequences of bad English education for cultural, economic, and individual growth that disempower foreign English learners everywhere. 
    Our Global Lingua Franca is an essential companion for both native and non-native English instructors navigating the challenges of sub-par language learning. It will validate your frustrations about learning and teaching under the conventional approach to EFL. Intelligent without being overly academic, it offers invaluable outside-the-box advice on reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatics to help you impart conversational English fluency and beyond.
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    Can learning Thai be as simple as listening to music?  
    And as easy as remembering song lyrics? 
    Just think. You remember song lyrics because lyrics are catchy, repeated throughout the song, and go with the music, right? Now, if you stuck in Thai, you'd easily learn Thai words and phrases the same way!  
    So, yes, learning Thai is as easy as listening to music' with the Learn Thai With Music Audiobook. 
    Just press play, and you'll hear Thai words and phrases repeated to the beat of upbeat and cheerful music. And' follow along! 
    You'll learn 180+ most common Thai words and phrases' while relaxing at home, or while driving to work. 
    Learn Thai With Music is the easiest way to start learning Thai.. without getting overwhelmed by complicated explanations. Perfect for new learners with little to no language learning experience. 
    What will you learn? 
    180+ Words & Phrases Including... 
    - Basic Greetings 
    - Numbers 
    - Common Questions and Answers 
    - Parts of the Body & Talking About Your Wellbeing 
    - Common Hobbies 
    - And much more 
    Learn Thai With Music includes... 
    - 15 Songs/Lessons Inside (Each is about 7 minutes long) 
    - Fast-Paced Review Section at the End of Each Lesson 
    - 1 Hour 50 Minutes in Total 
    - Accompanying PDF eBook with the Words, Phrases and Translations 
    Download the PDF and read along:
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  • Learn Italian: Italian Survival Phrases Volume 1 - Lessons 1-30 - cover

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    Innovative Language Learning

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    Learn Italian: Italian Survival Phrases, Volume 1Start speaking Italian in minutes, and grasp the language, culture, and customs in just minutes more with Survival Phrases Italian, a completely new way to learn basic Italian fast!Are you about to travel to Italy? Do you need to know basic Italian and proper etiquette for business reasons? Do you have a Italian speaking partner, family or friends? Are you a fan of Italian films, culture, or history, and want to start learning the Italian language? Whatever your reasons are, we've designed Italian Survival Phrases, Volume 1 with you in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results fast. These 30 short and effective audio lessons will allow you to:- Speak Italian before the end of your first lesson - Use your newly learned Italian in everyday situations - Understand the culture, customs, and people of Italy - Order the food you want in restaurants - Master manners, etiquette, customs so you don't embarrass yourself - Shopping- And much more!Learn to ask for help and avoid danger and tourist traps- learn travel tips and the "do's" and "don'ts" from an experienced host.This is not a vocabulary builder with just words and translations. Unlike other audiobooks, we actually teach Italian and Italian culture. Each lesson is taught by a professional, bilingual teacher!Download the PDF and read along:
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    Italian Basic Conversation covers general social- and travel-related conversation, as well as business-oriented terms and protocols, plus practical national and cultural information.
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