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Anton Chekhov: The Collected Novellas and Short Stories in Multiple Translations - Over 200 Stories From the Renowned Russian Playwright and Author of Uncle Vanya Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters in Multiple Translations including Ward No 6 The Lady with the Dog and Others - cover

Anton Chekhov: The Collected Novellas and Short Stories in Multiple Translations - Over 200 Stories From the Renowned Russian Playwright and Author of Uncle Vanya Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters in Multiple Translations including Ward No 6 The Lady with the Dog and Others

Anton Chekhov

Translator Julian Hawthorne, Constance Garnett, Thomas Seltzer, Marian Fell, Herman Bernstein, Robert Edward Crozier Long, C.E. Bechhofer Roberts, S. S. Koteliansky, Gilbert Cannan, J. M. Murry, B. Roland Lewis, Julius West

Publisher: e-artnow

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This carefully crafted ebook: "Anton Chekhov: The Collected Novellas and Short Stories in Multiple Translations" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. 
"Life is a vexatious trap; when a thinking man reaches maturity and attains to full consciousness he cannot help feeling that he is in a trap from which there is no escape."Ward No. Six (1892)
Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) was a Russian physician, dramaturge and author who is often referred to as one of the seminal figures in the birth of early modernism in the theatre. He made no apologies for the difficulties he posed to the readers, insisting that the role of an artist was to ask questions, not to answer them.
Living Chattel   
At The Barber's
Enigmatic Nature
Classical Student
Matter of Classics
Death of A Government Clerk
Daughter of Albion
Fat and Thin
Tragic Actor
Bird Market
Minds in Ferment
In The Graveyard             
Swedish Match
Safety Match
The Marshal's Widow
Small Fry
In an Hotel
Country Cottage
Horsey Name
Gone Astray
Head of the Family
Dead Body
Cook's Wedding
In A Strange Land
Overdoing It
Old Age
Oh! The Public
Mari D'Elle
The Looking-Glass
A Blunder
Actor's End
The Requiem
Ivan Matveyitch
The Witch
Story Without an End
Easter Eve
Strong Impressions
Gentleman Friend
Happy Man
Privy Councilor
Day in the Country
At a Summer Villa
Panic Fears
Chemist's Wife
Not Wanted
Chorus Girl
Troublesome Visitor
Pink Stocking
First-Class Passenger
Jeune Premier
In The Dark
Trivial Incident
Tripping Tongue
Trifle from Life 
Difficult People
In the Court
Peculiar Man
Excellent People
An Incident
Work of Art
Who Was to Blame?
On The Road
Available since: 06/01/2015.
Print length: 2500 pages.

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