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Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 14 - cover

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 14

Anthony Hope, R. Austin Freeman, Leonard Merrick, Gilbert Parker, Elizabeth Garver Jordan, Alice Duer Miller, August Nemo, William Pett Ridge, Ethel Watts Mumford, Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford, Anne O'Hagan Shinn

Publisher: Tacet Books

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This book contains70 short storiesfrom 10 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the criticAugust Nemo, in a collection that will please theliterature lovers.
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This book contains:
Anthony Hope:

- The Adventure of Lady Ursula.
- AspirationsExplanations.
- A Cut and a Kiss.
- Promising.
- Imagination.
- Uncle John and the Rubies.
- Lucifera.William Pett Ridge:

- Ah Lun's Gift.
- The Alteration in Mr. Kershaw.
- A Brief Comic Opera.
- A Cautious Youth.
- A Conflict of Interests.
- A Determined Young Person.
- Easy Come.Sir Gilbert Parker:

- The Little Bell of Honour.
- The Baron of Beaugard.
- The Singing of the Bees.
- The Marriage of the Miller.
- Mathurin.
- Uncle Jim.
- Parpon the Dwarf.Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford:

- The Mad Lady.
- A Homely Sacrifice.
- Her Eyes Are Doves.
- An Angel in the House.
- Yesterday.
- The Conquering Will.
- The Deacon's Whistle.Elizabeth Garver Jordan:

- Bart Harrington, Genius.
- The Community's Sunbeam.
- Mrs. Mccafferty Explains.
- Motion Study at St. Katharine's.
- Philip's "Furnis Man".
- The Surrender of Professor Seymour.
- Young Love.
R. Austin Freeman:

- The Case of Oscar Brodski.
- A Case of Premeditation.
- The Echo of a Mutiny.
- The Anthropologist at Large.
- The Aluminum Dagger.
- By the Black Deep.
- A Message From The Deep Sea.Alice Duer Miller:

- The Candid Friend.
- A Clash of Sentimentalists.
- Emulation.
- Home Influence.
- Middle Age.
- The Relapse.
- The Respecters of Law.Leonard Merrick:

- Aribaud's Two Wives.
- The Attack in the Rue de la Presse.
- The Doll in the Pink Silk Dress.
- The Elegant de Fronsac.
- Fluffums.
- A Millionaire's Romance.
- The Propriety of Pauline.Ethel Watts Mumford:

- The Arabian Days of Jimmy Jennette.
- The Bells of Cullam .
- The Cordon Bleu of the Sierra.
- The Eyes of the Heart.
- The Fear Motif.
- Her Groove.
- How Beelzebub Came to the Convent.Anne O'Hagan Shinn:

- Bread Eaten in Secret.
- The Courtship of the Boss.
- Emeline Hardacre's Revenge.
- Fate and the Pocketbook.
- Margaret McDonough's Restaurant.
- The Romance at Hollywood College
- Phbe in Politics
Available since: 04/10/2020.

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