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Mindful Voices of Europe - Mind-expanding outdoors moments - cover

Mindful Voices of Europe - Mind-expanding outdoors moments

Vincent HERY

Publisher: Mivoceu

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In the quest for happiness and exoticism, many people go on an adventure, a backpack as a travel companion in European cities and regions: the Balkans, Baltic countries, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe or Latin countries...

To facilitate this experience, can a travel guide grasp the essence of a place, its frequency of vibration and its habits and customs?

Mindful Voices of Europe is a unique discovery book, but it is not a tourist guide. It is a collection of short stories, authentic experiences from 44 European writers who capture the warm atmosphere of their native country. The book does not only seek to awaken the traveller in you and awaken consciousness, but also to provoke an intimate reflection on cultural exchanges. It is a celebration of the pleasure of words and rhythms of languages, an invitation to share the inner-joy that travel brings.

Travelling with mindfulness at the forefront of the experience leads the mindful team of writers to tap into the inexhaustible powers of deep nature, to walk the unspoilt and preserved hiking trails, to find his soul with a stay on an island. We are all migratory birds in search of freedom; let's watch the leaves dance in the wind and the squirrels jump with joy from branch to branch. These sweet experiences of life will give you goose bumps, a simple and pure pleasure, and will increase your own spiritual growth, as a path to serenity and your true self. All the stories resonate in unison, following the heart of the "La" given by conductor Vincent Hery.
Four of the stories in the book are kept in the writer's language to highlight the pleasures of the alphabet and the musical beauty of a mysterious tone. It is a unique atmosphere that resonates in you, that of traveling to foreign lands. Listen to the melody!

Welcome to Europe.

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