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Frank & I - cover

Frank & I

Anonymous Author

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

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The Wordsworth Erotica Collection includes some of
the finest Victorian and Edwardian examples of the genre.
About this book:
Frank and I, an erotic and
delightful Victorian novel of hidden sexuality and erotic escapades is a classic
of its genre.
The narrator of the story, a wealthy young man,
meets a youth and, taken by his beauty and good manners, invites him home.
Discovering a lapse in obedience in his charge, he commences to flog him, in
the traditionally humiliating English manner. One can imagine his surprise when
the young man, confounded in déshabillé, turns out to be a young woman of
surpassing charms.
Their subsequent adventures along the byways of
delight and pleasure provide a bold volume, unearthing not a few of the more
esoteric sexual proclivities of its day.

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    An innocent beauty, trapped in sleep . . . 
    Sheltered from society, Aurora Jacquard has yet to feel the sweet release of physical love. Then, on the night she is about to give in to temptation, she inexplicably falls into a deep coma.  
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