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Saved - cover


Angel Payne

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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He saved her life…she saved his soul.
Garrett Hawkins is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces unit, because, frankly, the guy doesn’t care if he lives or dies anymore. Since the love of his life, Sage Weston, was kidnapped and killed with her medical unit a year ago, Garrett has turned the shell of his soul into the armor of a finely tuned fighting machine. Being the first tapped for the unit’s craziest missions is just fine by him. The less time for memories and the agony they carve into his soul, the better.
It’s a plan that works, until Garrett’s world is upended one night in the jungles of Thailand. Memories become reality when the unit is called to rescue a group of kidnapped aid workers, and they discover Sage and her teammate among the retrieved women. Now that Sage is back in his arms, Garrett doesn’t know what to do. He has changed in dramatic ways, especially in the darker tastes of his passion. If he touches Sage again, he’ll want to claim her, restrain her...dominate her.
Is Sage’s love strong enough to let Garrett back in, not only as her fiancé but her Dominant? Can she trust that visiting the new shadows of his life will lead her to ecstasy and not ruin? Or can Garrett’s discipline be exactly what her soul needs to find its way back to life—and love—again?

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    I bit my lip to keep from smiling. I cleared my throat then again leaned over him, brushing my lips to his. Before he could speak, I moved my lips to his ear and nibbled it. “We were kissing,” I whispered, my stomach rolling with nerves.
    I pulled back to see his eyes, lip caught in my teeth. He studied me a moment, likely trying to make sense of my words. His brows drawn, he said, “Like, chaste?”
    I shook my head.
    I nodded, unable to suppress a smile. At his confused look, I closed the distance between us, pressing my lips to his then deepening the kiss, teasing his tongue with my own. I pulled back to focus on his eyes, smiling, shy.
    “Like that?”
    I nodded, biting my lip.
    “Jesus, baby.”
    I shook my head, the smile leaving. “Don’t do that.”
    “Sorry, I...”
    I held his gaze, waiting, hoping he wouldn’t put a stop to my fun. His gaze dropped to my nightie, to my chest. “And you want to go out there like that?”
    I nodded, my excitement, I’m sure, showing in my eyes.
    “You’re showing,” he said, his tone low and husky.
    Again, I nodded.
    “You don’t mind if he sees you?”
    I shook my head. “He’s been looking since we were kids.”
    He nodded slowly. “He doesn’t want to just look, does he?”
    I shook my head, and for several long moments our gazes remained locked, my eyes full of excitement, his full of questions. He blew out a breath. “And if I tell you I’m not comfortable with you going out there like that?”
    “I’ll change.”
    “Just like that?”
    I nodded, waiting, anxious.
    Finally, he blew out a breath. “I can’t keep you from him, can I?”
    I cupped his cheek, willing him not to make me choose.
    He continued to hold my gaze. Eventually, though, he nodded. “Go spend some time with your brother.”
    I gave him my warmest smile, then I leaned down to kiss him. “I love you,” I whispered.
    “And I, you.”
    I moved toward the door, my gaze on his, a smile pulling my lips. I stopped in the doorway, my conscience screaming at me to clarify my intentions, to give him all the information he needed to make an informed decision. I knew, of course, that if he was fully aware of my intentions, he could put his foot down, but I didn’t want this to come back to bite me. No, he deserved my honesty. My gaze on his, I ran my hand in small circles around my belly, building up my courage, then, before I could change my mind, I reached for my panties, and held his gaze as I slipped them over my hips and down my thighs. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled, my scent filling my head as I walked slowly back to him. I set them on his pillow, beside his head, then backed toward the door, my gaze on his, his moving back and forth from my eyes to my thighs and back again. He didn’t stop me when I reached for the door handle, and he didn’t stop me when I raised my hand, wiggling my fingers at him. He remained silent as I pulled the door closed.
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  • Jungle Fever - Book 10 of "Public Submission" - cover

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    His lean muscles rippled as
    he moved towards me, danger and masculinity oozing from him. There was a fire
    in his eyes that was mesmerizing.
    "You don't belong
    here," he growled, closing in, our breaths so close that I could smell the
    sweat on his body.
    His teeth bit into my neck
    gently, just enough pressure to prove a point, sucking in to leave a mark on my
    I knew when I was in trouble when I started moaning.
    ~~~~~ Excerpt
    He didn't have his shirt on. There were scratches on his
    skin, as if he attempted to get off the trail and then decided against it when
    his shirt was ripped apart. My eyes traveled the length of his body and I had to
    swallow the sigh hovering on my lips.
    "Trent, it's so good to
    see you. We need to get out of the jungle. There's-"
    I never got to finish my
    sentence as he started talking.
    His eyes turned dark as he
    stared at me, unblinking. Moving a step closer, he said in barely a whisper,
    "What's a sweet little thing like you doing alone in the big, bad
    His voice was a deep growl
    that frightened me. He was nothing like the man I have had a crush on for
    years. Trent has always been safe, reliable, trustworthy. He was the kind of
    man you'd run to when the rest of the world failed you. He was only thirty
    five, but had the worldly wisdom that made him knowledgeable about almost everything.
    But right that instant, he
    felt dangerous.
    He was dangerous.
    "Do you want to get
    hurt? There're wild animals in here…"
    I backed away, certain that
    this stranger was more dangerous than any animal in the jungle. His lean
    muscles rippled as he moved towards me, danger and masculinity oozing from him.
    There was a fire in his eyes that scared and confused me.
    "You don't belong
    here," he growled, closing in on me, our breaths so close that I could
    smell the sweat on his body. I smelled his musky, masculine scent and went weak
    at the knees. When he stepped closer towards me, his breath tickled the side of
    my face.
    "You don't belong here
    either," I countered as we breathed each other's air, inhaling as he
    exhaled. The tension in the air was palpable, made even worse by what I had
    seen just minutes earlier. My breathing almost stopped as I followed the soft
    fullness of his lips, wondering how he tasted.
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  • Public Submission 7 - 9 - Public Submission - cover

    Public Submission 7 - 9 - Public...

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    Young girls shouldn't play with fire... 
    In this bundle, three young women bite off more than they can chew and find themselves at the mercy of hot alpha males. Passionate, powerful men coax these embarrassed young ladies to surrender everything. 
    Public Submission 7: Student 
    Twenty-year-old Anita Meyer has been the perfect student her whole life. So when she misses an exam that accounts for half of her grade, she is willing to do anything to make up for it. 
    There's only one problem. Professor Andres Keon isn't one to bend his rules so easily...  The domineering older man thinks everything needs to be earned. But after he lays eyes on her, he decides to give her a chance... if she is willing to submit. 
    Just how far is she willing to go to ace a class? Will she let him and his friends have his way with her? 
    Public Submission 8: Blindfolded 
    "There is a dungeon hidden beneath the castle where women are treated as playthings... humiliated in ways an innocent little thing like you cannot possibly begin to imagine... Hmm? What do we use? Ropes, whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, clamps, anything that can fit- Oh, are you blushing already? Come now, wouldn't you like to have a look?" 
    What? No! I'm not completely insane. Of course not. I'm here to work, not to check out some dungeon. 
    But my assignment did request a detailed look of everything... 
    Maybe a quick look wouldn't hurt. 
    Just one peek. 
    Public Submission 9: Tied Up 
    "Your husband owes us a lot of money, Mrs. Joy... Now, you could continue working eighteen hour days for the rest of your life, or you could come with me and settle the debt another way... Who knows, this might actually be fun for you." 
    What other way?  
    "Why don't you come and find out?" 
    I would much rather not.  
    "I'm willing to bet you will be changing your mind real soon, Mrs. Joy... real soon..." 
    There three steamy standalone short stories feature unapologetic alpha Doms showing young submissives their rightful place.
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    Daddy's Spanking

    Lily Weidner

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    With her mother away on business, Jenny’s determined to become the woman of the house for her father. When everything goes wrong, she has no choice but face the consequences. What Jenny doesn’t expect is to be bent over her handsome Daddy’s knee, or the taboo game he has in mind. In this playful father daughter game, will Jenny discover her punishment is exactly what she’s always desired?
    Am I getting wet from Daddy’s words?
    Unable to believe she could be getting wet from the idea of being spanked, Jenny fought to remain still in her father’s lap. While the idea of being spanked hadn’t occurred to her in years, there was suddenly an appeal about the situation. Would it be pleasurable to be so vulnerable? What would Daddy do if he knew I wanted to be spanked? Wait… do I really want to be spanked? Jenny shook her head, before leaning her body against her father’s chest.
    A soft breath filled her nose with the scent of her father’s aftershave, a smell Jenny had always found slightly arousing. Already feeling the effects of early arousal between her legs, she quickly pulled away. What had started out as a fun game between them wasn’t as fun as she had hoped.
    Hearing her father on the phone, Jenny kept still on the edges of her Daddy’s legs. With his knees pressing against her, she found concentrating on his phone conversation difficult. Slowly, her mind began to wander inhibited only by her growing arousal. Would Daddy really spank me if I pushed the issue? I wonder if it’d be so awkward for him too. Jenny waited for her father to hang up the phone, before snuggling back up against him. This time however, she had a different goal in mind. Ensuring her legs spread across her father’s lap, Jenny began grinding down against her Daddy’s legs. At the very least, such a position would allow her some additional stimulation. What Jenny really hoped for however, was her father’s curiosity.
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