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No Simple Sacrifice - cover

No Simple Sacrifice

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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If I could turn back time…
My name is Talia Perizkova, and time has been on my side…until I told it to kiss my ass during a business trip to Vegas and experienced a night for the record books with my bosses—yes, my bosses. But what happened in Sin City refuses to stay there, and time has joined forces with his pal, karma, to exact payback—from the depths of my heart.
Fletcher Ford. Drake Newland. They’re two of the business world’s sexiest, most sought-after bachelors—and I’ve fallen for them both. Their passion is everything I crave, their protection is everything I need, and their love is everything my orthodox family will never let me accept.
The solution, according to them, is simple. One man steps down so two of us are happy.
I could find a way…
But sacrifices are rarely simple, and one plus one doesn’t always equal happily ever after. The three of us have to decide—take a chance on this rare love we’ve discovered…or give in to fear and lose each other forever?

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    The Book of Love

    Asha King

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    Romance editor Janaeh Forrester is a problem solver. A Jill of all trades, she’s worked in all aspects of publishing and no challenge is too big for her to overcome. It’s this reputation that leads her new employer to send her after the elusive Delilah Daniels, their top selling romance writer, who won’t deliver her latest manuscript and made the last editor quit. 
    But “Delilah” is nothing that Janaeh expects. It’s the pen name of Carter Daniels, a thirty-something man as sexy as he is arrogant and frustrating. 
    Six months have passed since Carter’s divorce was finalized and writing happily-ever-afters seems like a lie he can no longer tell. When Janaeh shows up at his door with a schedule in hand and threats to take back his advance if he doesn’t meet his deadlines, he assumes it’s a joke. But his attractive new editor is there to see that he finishes the book, driving him mad with both irritation and desire. 
    Her presence stirs up something far more sinister, however: Janaeh is directly in the path of Carter’s more fanatical followers, and someone will stop at nothing to get her out of the way.
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  • Arkansas Family Reunion - cover

    Arkansas Family Reunion

    Mo Beevir

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    Suzi Arkansas had just turned 18, so this was the first year she got to attend the annual family reunion at Grandpa's farm. There are lots of surprises. No one wears clothes at the reunion, her brother has a huge cock, most of the old folks are married to their cousins, except for the ones married to their siblings, and when Grandma says there'll be a milking contest, no cows are needed. Cousins, siblings, parents, everyone, it's a loving family.
    “Okay,” Emily said, “all the men line up in front of the stage. The object is very simple. The man faces the room, and his partner jerks him off. The winner is the one who shoots the farthest.”
    The men shuffled to the front of the room and lined up along one of the floor boards.
    “Now, pick your partners, ladies. You can use any technique you want, but make sure you go for distance when he cums.”
    “My son,” Marilyn declared, “is mine.”
    “I’m doing Daddy,” Mildred called.
    “Oh, damn,” Mollie pouted. “I wanted Daddy.”
    “You could do your Uncle Joe,” Marilyn suggested.
    Mollie stood in front of Joe for a moment, looking him over. “Okay,” she said. “He’s not as big as Nick, but that should turn into something substantial.”
    One of the twins offered to jerk off her father, and the other agreed to do the same for her grandfather. Harriet said she’d do Ken, and Mary offered to take care of her brother, Ed, if Norma would do Mark.
    “Okay,” Emily said, when everyone was paired up. “Remember, the contest is about distance. It doesn’t matter who cums first, or who cums most, just who cum farthest.”
    “It think we should make Nick stand about six inches further back,” Ted joked. “Having that thing has to be cheating.”
    “Start milking, ladies,” Emily said.
    “This really is a monster,” Marilyn said, kneeling in front of her son as she stroked his cock. “Do you mind if I suck on it a little?”
    She didn’t wait for an answer, popping the massive knob into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip.
    Suzi, who didn’t have a partner for this contest, watched fascinated as her mother sucked her brother. It was surprising just how much of Nick’s enormous cock she could get into her mouth. I’m going to have to ask her for lessons, she thought.
    Marilyn wondered how she hadn’t noticed how big her son was until now. Sure, most of the time here, this year or last, he hadn’t been hard, and it obviously shrank a lot when it got soft. But they had this contest every year, so she must have seen him hard last year, mustn’t she? Who was I jerking last year? she wondered. Oh, sure, her brother Ed. Ed was just average. Had she really been concentrating so hard on getting him off that she hadn’t noticed any of the other men? Not even her magnificent son?
    Well, she was certainly noticing him now. It actually felt like he was getting bigger in her mouth, which she doubted was possible.  If he grew any more they’d have to throw away the ruler and measure him with a yard stick.
    “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!” Ted moaned. He felt like he was about to explode as his mother jerked his straining prick. Her lips moved up and down the swollen shaft with her fist, and from time to time her tongue would flick out and collect the clear pre-cum that was oozing from the tip. He was almost there.
    At that moment his mother pulled her head back and shoved a spit-covered index finger into his asshole. That did it. His cock spasmed and blasted a thick stream of jism onto the polished wood floor in front of him.
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    There is not one person we can think of who does not have a sexual fantasy. It is, however, the more daring of those who will go out and try to live that fantasy, because the fantasy always reveals just how the person wants it.
    There are many girls who fantasize about being forced to have sex with one. They usually dream of being forced to relieve some of the guilt that they might feel from enjoying sex, and on occasion, a fantasy is acted out with some incredible results.
    Olivia is a story of a young girl growing up in her own special way, but not by her design. Breaking the moral code she has never been taught. Flaunting her body in open submission. Reveling in any and every wanton new experience. Indeed, Olivia makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that Olivia is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh, and Angelique will open new doors for Olivia to enter, yet unexplored, dark realm of twisted perversions!
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  • Mike's Punishment - cover

    Mike's Punishment

    Dixon Cox

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    It's barely been a week since Troy last saw Mike, and he's fallen apart. His business empire is on skid row as all he can think about is the deliciously naughty punishment he meted out on Mike before. But was he too severe?
    	A chance meeting throws the two men back together again - but who's punishing who this time?
    	EXCERPT: Had Troy brainwashed him or something? He’d never felt like this after other relationships. Why was his subconscious so obsessed with this jerk? And there he was, being nice as if nothing had happened. It drove him mad. He thumped the steering wheel in frustration. He had grown so tired of him and his commanding, cold voice. That’s why he had left. Do this. Do that. Do what I say not what I do. That, and his punishment had finished. But as much as he hated to admit it, he missed the sound of his voice.
    	WARNING! This 6100+ word story is intended for mature, 18+ eyes only! It features hot and heavy graphic scenes of gay sex, flashbacks scenes and a hot, sexy dialog that will make your Kindle steam up!
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  • Guilty as Sin - cover

    Guilty as Sin

    Rochelle Kaplan

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    The unthinkable has happened. A child is snatched out of her bed while in the care of her free-spirited grandparents, Pamela and Steve North, who are occupied downstairs hosting a swingers' party in their garage. Although a neighbor-Tom Nealy, who is middle-aged, divorced, reclusive and has thousands of images of child pornography on his computer-turns out to be the prime suspect, new information eventually surfaces indicating that another person, driven by a different kind of lust, may have also had a hand in the kidnapping. 
    Even without a body but with other, hard evidence against Nealy, the police arrest him and believe they have an open and shut case. But another, seemingly unrelated event-the disappearance of a multimillionaire financier whose dead son had ties to the missing girl's mother-ultimately forces the police to look for a connection between the two cases. 
    While the grandparents vehemently downplay their lifestyle as a contributing factor in their grandchild's abduction, massive searches and a substantial monetary reward produce nothing. Then, a jogger discovers the decomposing body of a little girl in a nearby suburban canyon. Is it the North girl or is it another unfortunate child who met with foul play?
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  • Betting on the Playboy - cover

    Betting on the Playboy

    Elizabeth Reed

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    This is a steamy romance short story (word count 5,629)
    	Jack and Laura’s relationship starts off with a mutual fondness for steamy sessions of hot sex! 
    	Their relationship was only meant to be casual one. 
    	But now Jack, to his surprise and delight, finds Laura to be a very sexy minx, with a very warm and open manner. He is drawn to Laura, finding her irresistible, and he now wants them to have a more serious relationship. 
    	However, Laura had never expected him to start asking her to be his girlfriend. She had only wanted to get involved with the extremely attractive Jack to explore her sexual side, after being frustrated for so long when she was a plain Jane! 
    	Now Laura finds herself in the unexpected position of having to make a decision regarding what she really wants from life....and whether what she wants is Jack, the notorious Playboy!
    	Warning: Sexual content included within the story.
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