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No Lucky Number - cover

No Lucky Number

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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Business trip or trip of a lifetime?
Talia Perizkova has been working toward this moment her entire career. Now she finds herself sandwiched between two of the most eligible bachelors in the country and can barely focus on the task at hand.
And that’s fine by Drake Newland and Fletcher Ford.
They’re all business around the office, but when they get Talia to themselves off the clock, things really heat up. Now if they can just convince her a three-way relationship could fit into her world…
Will Talia take a chance on her newly discovered feelings, or is their weekend of passion destined to end them before they’ve even begun?

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    	Part 1, The Farm of the Delphian Sisterhood, introduces Sam Reilly a retired ex Marine, to the Delphian Sisterhood, a group of four beautiful but mysterious women quietly tending a farm in Western Pennsylvania.  As a neighbor on an adjacent farm, Sam assumes the role of protector and guardian for the four women. But as he learns, his role entails much more. He is protector, lover and frequently, disciplinarian, for the sisters have a need for a strong man who will dispense domestic discipline in order to maintain domestic harmony. 
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    What is the attraction of modern-day sexy shifters? They’re usually ultra-masculine. They’re powerful, possessive, and have strong appetites they don’t always repress. And what’s more romantic than a main character who bonds for life? Are there gay shifters? Hell yes! Some of them, like Dallas and Jax in Eye of Wolf are out and proud. Joshua in Virgin Gay Werewolf is young and still at the stage of coming out—both as gay and a werewolf. Then there’s the main character of Sins of Father Wolf—a newly ordained priest who may be starting to accept his sexual orientation—but not his tie to the Moon. Then there's the real mega sexy shifter--the Incubus who can take the shape you most desire. And a shifter I've never really seen in books before--the Were-Stag. 
    So—here’s an anthology of sexy shifters. These hot and steamy stories are intended for adults only. They feature explicit and graphic sex of all sorts--with an emphasis on Rough. All characters are 18 years are older. Most available in their separate titles and series, but they’ve all been brought together for this collection: 
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    I sat down on the bed next to him and kicked up my charm to Nova level. I knew from experience it could melt the panties off girls. "Let's make a deal," I said in a conspiratorial tone. "Tell me your secret and I'll give you a kiss."
    "Josh, I've known you were gay since we met during Orientation. I can feel your eyes on me all the time. I even started sleeping in just my boxers because I could watch you tent your pants. No biggie. So--I know you've wanted to kiss me. Here's your chance. Trade you a kiss for your secret."
    Shit, if he had offered me a blow job, I'd out every Supe in the state. I had already identified a Werepanther who was in the front row of Pugmire's class. You can always tell a Werepanther from the smell. But keeping the Secret was something we were raised with from the time we could talk. After the major massacres in the 1600s, most Supes went underground and had signed treaties to keep the Secret. There were Enforcers who took out chatty Cathy Supes--or at least, that's what we were told. I had never met one. Maybe they were our version of boogie men.
    "No," I said firmly. "And is it that obvious I'm gay?"
    "Well, yeah. It's like your eyes end up velcroed to every guy's crotch or ass. I think it's funny.
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  • Wanting Kimmy - Kimmy's Lover #2 - cover

    Wanting Kimmy - Kimmy's Lover #2

    Rebecca Lee

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    "Matt is not a good guy. He's a great guy. He wants me as a lover but I don't feel. We're friends. But I can't help keeping him around. I know it's wrong. I want something more. Bad boys do it better and I want that." 
    "I know better than to chase around naughty bratty rich girls. But I can't get Kimmy out of my mind. I'd give the world to be with her." 
    "I want her. I can't stop thinking about her. She's probably out of my league. But I don't care. She's the most beautiful vibrant person I've ever known." 
    Kim Augustus had everything she wanted growing up a rich girl. But her secret taboo lifestyle would destroy everything. Including her chances with gorgeous good guy Matt. She can't help herself. She does what naughty girls do. 
    He only wants her. But she wants a second chance with another man who broke her young heart.  
    "Wanting Kimmy" is hot erotica with mature situations. It contains no cliffhanger. It is a standalone hot story and part of the "Kimmy's Lover" series.  It contains serious  sexual heat. The hottest coming of age lovers shorts stories on the shelves today
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  • Stepbrother: Forever Mine - cover

    Stepbrother: Forever Mine

    Scarlet Smith

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    When Julia's stepbrother Conner returns from his tour of duty, he's a changed man. Once carefree, it seems that now he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. But when taboo feeling grows between them, Conner finds what he needs to heal him…sensual, forbidden love in the arms of his beautiful stepsister.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    If truth be told, I had started to regard him as something more than my brother. In fact, I had developed a crush on him. For some reason, teenage girls always seem to develop crushes on the most inappropriate people. A lot of my girlfriends had a thing for Mr Hardy, one of the teachers at our school. He was kind of handsome, but not for me. Not when I was in love with Conner.
    That's what I told myself anyway. I even wrote in in my diary. 'I'm in love with Conner and one day I'm going to marry him.' Even then, I realized that I was living in a fantasy world. He was my brother, after all. There could be no happy ending, no fairytale. He wasn't going to swoop down and elope with me. This wasn't Hollywood. And even in the movies, brothers and sisters did not become romantically involved.
    And so, one he was away, I forced myself to forget my feelings for him. I dated, even had my first kiss. By the time we found out he was coming home, I'd erased my former feelings from my memory. I was looking forwards to seeing him, but in a wholesome, sisterly way. I couldn't wait to have the silly boy back!
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