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No Broken Bond - cover

No Broken Bond

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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It’s incredible what Fletcher Ford and Drake Newland have done to my world—and my soul—since igniting my desires, answering my dreams and filling every inch of my heart. I am rocked. Changed. Freed. A woman in love…
But the adjustment hasn’t been easy, and not just for my orthodox family. Falling for one dazzling, commanding billionaire is complicated enough. But two? Wading through dysfunctions, judgments, and emotional baggage from all sides, we’re searching for the perfect balance of our love. And we nearly find it, when disaster slams again—threatening to permanently cripple us this time.
With our bond in shreds and our spirits in tatters, can we find the glue to keep our bond intact and our love whole? Are we broken…or just bent? Do we have the courage to find out?

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    Fresh out of college and working minimum wage, Catherine is desperate to earn some cash. Enter Tom, an enigmatic young man with money to burn. Tom offers Catherine a deal: Become his personal prostitute and he'll pay her a fortune. Cat likes sex and she likes Tom's money, but what would her boyfriend think? Maybe he doesn't need to know…
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    I hesitated when I crossed my arms but then I had the shirt off. I was now just in my sports bra and my yoga pants. The last person to see me naked was Allison. The last person who I'd slept with was Bobby. And Tom was watching me. He'd paid me, so I hooked my fingers into my waistband and pulled them down.
    I was in my g-string and my sports bra, and I could see that Tom liked it. 
    “Are you getting naked?” I asked.
    “I will,” he said.
    “You don't want to do this?” I indicated my bra.
    “No,” he said.
    I pulled it off in one motion. My breasts thanked me by falling happily down my chest. Then, without looking at him, I bent over and slid my g-string down my legs.
    I was naked in my living room with Tom.
    I didn't ask him if he wanted me at the table. I knew he did. As I walked past him, not looking at him, I thought of Bobby. What would he think? Would he call me slut? Would he be mad, upset? I pulled the drawer open. There were a few sets of keys, loose change, some maps, and that old hairbrush. Brush my hair? I pulled the hairbrush out and slid the drawer closed. I glanced behind me.
    Tom had taken off his shirt. I watched him pull down his shorts.
    “Brush your hair.”
    I turned back to the mirror and started to brush my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. We hadn't turned the lights on so the only light came from the shafts of sunlight outside. It was enough to see myself, to see my full breasts in the mirror, the line of my abdominals, and to see Tom come to me from behind.
    I actually expected him to grab me then. He didn't do that. I continued to brush my hair and Tom, softly, put his hands on my shoulders. I stopped brushing.
    “Keep going,” he said.
    I continued to brush my hair.
    The whole time I could watch Tom. He bent down and kissed the back of my neck. He slid his left hand over my left elbow; he didn't tell me to stop brushing so I continued to use it to hold my hair back as I brushed with my right.
    His right hand slid down my side, glided up into my armpit and roved down my body, down my ribs. I felt his fingers feel each rib, felt them play over my stomach, felt them in my bellybutton. His left hand snaked over my chest and down the line of my abdomen. He didn't touch my breasts. And he kissed the back of my neck, moving around to where my neck met my shoulder. And he breathed deeply. He was inhaling me, my scent, my sweat.
    He kissed lower, kissing over my shoulder. I realized he was tracing the muscles in my back, kissing them… My body continued to shake and I strained my legs to make them stop. His hands came around my front and gripped my thighs, ran down to my knees. I kept brushing my hair while Tom kissed my body, smelled me.
    Then he slid his nose into the top of my crack.
    “Don't-” I said automatically.
    “Are you saying no?” he said.
    I had frozen in the mirror.
    “What are you going to do?”
    “I'm going to kiss you.”
    “I haven't showered.”
    “I know.”
    “Tom-” I started.
    “What?” He kissed between my cheeks, the sweaty area at the top of my buttocks. He bit into the flesh. My legs wobbled a bit.
    “Nothing,” I breathed. I didn't think it would be like this.
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    Under the big southern skies nights can be lonely; if you are stuck out in the outback they can be torture. In a place like this men who long for the electrifying touch of another's hand learn to read the smallest of tell-tale signs which will help bring them the relief they so desperately long for. Love comes quickly and you will too. Purchase 'Dirty Down Under' now and surrender to the erotic thrill of love, lust and lonely men. 
    These short stories are strictly for adults only and comprise 43 000 words.
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    Can Ashton let go of his jealousy and be the friend and lover that Lance needs?
    Ashton has been in love with his best friend for years, watching him grow from a pretty high school boy to the gorgeous erotic dancer at the club where they both work. The problem is that Lance enjoys the attention of a variety of men while Ashton wants him for his very own.
    After a day spent denying his attraction for Lance, standing by while their friend Trey openly flirts with him, Ashton decides it’s time to make his move or risk losing his man forever. Once Lance knows how he feels, he’ll realize they should be together. Or is it already too late?
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  • Taken and Spanked - cover

    Taken and Spanked

    Secret Narrative

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    Spank Me: Thrash Me: Fig Me: Teach Me. Spanking, figging and fun for Cherie Blackthorn whose life revolves around pleasing her husband, Brendan. She doesn’t give a damn about female emancipation or forging an independent life. She loves sex, and servicing others in order to please him. In this hot short story, Cherie and her friend, Alice are spanked and caned, and Cherie is introduced to the pleasures of the buried ginger root. 
    Warning: A short story, unsuitable for readers under the age of 18. A version of this story appears in ‘Acts Of Pleasure’ by Poppy Phoenix.
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    Anxious to expand her contacts in her new job, she is invited to a meeting of a group of influential business people whose sexual tastes are more adventurous than her new boyfriend can offer. One contact wants her for his new Domme... 
    Excited by these activities, she is faced with the choice of staying with her loving but conventional boyfriend or exploring new avenues with her business contact; she can't have both. 
    Contains explicit sex scenes.
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