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Bilbao & Basque Region - cover

Bilbao & Basque Region

Andy Symington

Publisher: Footprint Travel Guides

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The land of the Basques is a vibrant place with an intoxicating spirit. Whether you're taking in the culture in Bilbao, grazing on elaborate pintxos in San Sebastian or exploring the rugged coast, Footprint's Bilbao & Basque Region Handbook covers all the top attractions in this quirky area, plus tips for getting off the beaten track. 
• Practicalities section with essential advice on getting there and getting around
• Highlights map and inspirational color section, so you know what not to miss
• Comprehensive listings including where to eat, sleep and relax - whatever your budget
• Detailed street maps for Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria
Slim enough to pop in your pocket
Packed with advice and information, this concise, pocket-size Footprint Handbook will help you get the most out of Bilbao and the Basque Region without weighing you down.

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    Dublin is renowned for its amazing profusion of pubs and for its exuberant pub culture. In Dublin Pub Life and Lore, Professor Kevin Kearns examines the history of this phenomenon by speaking to old publicans, barmen and regular customers, relating the story of Dublin pubs and their patrons in an engaging and entertaining fashion. 
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    Following the success of his bestselling classic Dublin Tenement Life, Kevin Kearns has researched and created a wonderful oral historical chronicle of Dublin’s pub life. Based on conversations with old publicans, pub ‘regulars’ and long-serving barmen, Dublin Pub Life and Lore captures the folklore, customs, characters and wit of the traditional Dublin public house. 
    Dublin Pub Life and Lore: Table of ContentsIntroduction 
    History and Evolution of Dublin Public Houses 
    Origins and Uses of Alcohol 
    A City of Taverns and Alehouses 
    Dublin’s Colourful Public Houses 
    Drinking Customs of the Social Classes 
    Disreputable Drinking Dens 
    Proud and Prosperous Publicans 
    Dublin Temperance Movement 
    Government Inquiry into Intemperance and the Role of Public Houses 
    Oral History and Pub Lore 
    Dublin Pub Culture and Social Life 
    The Pub as a Living Social Institution 
    The Publican’s Role and Status 
    Pub Regulars and Their Local 
    Porters, Apprentices and Barmen 
    Pubs as IRA Meeting Places 
    Women on the “Holy Ground”  
    The Pintman and His Pint 
    Pub Customs and Traditions 
    Pub Entertainment 
    Singing Pubs 
    Literary Pubs 
    Notable Pub Characters 
    Eccentric Publicans and Notorious Pubs 
    Underworld of Shebeens, Kips and Speakeasies 
    Famous Barmen’s Strikes 
    Transformation and Desecration of Venerable Pubs 
    Oral Testimony of Publicans and Barmen 
    Oral Testimony of Pub Regulars and Observers
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