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Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modelling For Beginners - cover

Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modelling For Beginners

Andrei Besedin

Publisher: Andrei Besedin

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Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modeling for Beginners!Are you advancing or pursuing a career in investment banking, commercial banking, corporate development, financial planning and analysis, equity research, or other areas of corporate finance? Building financial models and analysis is part of the daily routine. Financial analysis and models are one of the essential tools when it comes to making some financial decisions. Most of the time, these decisions can include whether or not to invest in a project finance; whether or not to invest in an asset, company or security; whether or not to raise money and whether or not to make acquisitions or do merger and other cooperate transactions that deal with finance.For you to make the best decision using financial modeling we have made our powerful short book titled “Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modeling for Beginners!” available. This incredible product will provide you the secret on how to create, informative financial analysis and models. Even though you are not an Excel power-user or math wizard, you will have no problem understanding the secrets. You are good to go once you have a basic understanding of excel. In case you are wondering if this topnotch book will be of advantage to you. The good news is that there are lots of great benefits that you can derive from it. You will get to know that financial analysis and modeling is an extremely valuable resource for your business and wonder why you have waited this long to know the secrets of financial analysis and modeling. Some of the benefits are:•You will learn the basic best practices and know-how of financial analysis and modeling •You will learn how to put them to work for your clients or solve clients problems •After reading, you will be able to identify market projections and develop business strategies based on the analysis of scenario•It offers navigation index you can use as reference guideWe cannot argue the fact that our product is not highly comprehensive. Our main aim is to ensure you move forward in your career, make the right financial decision, and grow your business.The Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modeling our incredible book has in store for you would help you make the best decision when it comes to the financial aspect of your business or career. You could save about US$1000 which is more than enough to take care of some other important projects. The more you procrastinate purchasing this powerful short book and knowing the secrets, the more you be at the risk of making a wrong financial decision. So why wait when you have the secrets at your doorstep for pickup!Are you ready to start making the best financial decision and know where to invest your money? Click the buy button on the upper right side of the page and obtain your copy of the book with just a single click!Keep in mind that the more you delay purchasing this fantastic short book, the more you are at the risk of making some mistakes in your financial decision. So grab your copy now!

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  • Magnetic Healing: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Bio Electromagnetism Magnetic Wristbands- How Magnets can be used for Health and Well-being - Natural Healing Health Foods and Wellness Series #1 - cover

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    Magnetic Forces help the body to heal itself by stimulating the biochemistry of the body so natural healing can take place. It is simple to apply, effective and inexpensive.   
    Magnetic Therapy i.e. use of magnets for cure has been a part of basic healing procedure since recorded history. Egyptian nobility and royalty were supposed to wear magnetic jewelry i.e. jewelry made of magnetic materials to preserve youth and beauty. African tribes have also been known to use magnetic ores in food preparations- it is only recently it has been “rediscovered” that, the magnetic fields can alter the flavor of some foods.  
    Magnets have been known for their healing properties and their use in prevention and cure has been noted in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). One of the oldest medical book from the orient- “Chinese Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” written around 2000 B.C. has elaborate mention of the use of magnets in healing day to day ailments such as aches and pains.  
    Magnetic Therapy has also been known in it’s use to cure paraplegia, rheumatism and arthritic limb swellings by eating certain potent magnetic ores. Orient has always used magnets along with other traditional therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure. Within the western world, Aristotle noted around 300 B.C. the many uses of magnets in healing therapies. In 100 A.D. Pliny, a younger Greek physician wrote about the uses of magnets in healing eye diseases. Galen, a third century Roman physician, observed that magnets could also help in constipation when placed correctly over the abdomen and colon area. In 400 A.D. first known use of magnetic jewelry in the form of a necklace of noted for healing. Thus there are numerous noted mentions in recorded medical history of the use of magnetic therapy- particularly for subsiding chronic pain. 
    This book discusses use of Magnets for healing- for relieving pain, it's benefits and possible side effects along with some of the more noted medical use of magnets in Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation and Bio Electromagnetism. 
    Table of Contents 
    Preface: A word from the publisher about this series 
    Introduction: Magnetic Healing 
    History of Magnetic Therapy 
    Understanding Magnets 
    Using Magnetic Therapy 
    How does Magnetic Therapy work? 
    How is Magnetic Therapy delivered? 
    Advantages of Magnetic Therapy 
    Are there any side effects of Magnetic Therapy? 
    Hidden benefits of Magnetic Bracelets 
    Skepticism against effectiveness of Magnetic Therapy 
    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) 
    Postface: Bringing it all together… 
    Other Books in this Series 
    Thank you for your purchase
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    The Accurate Way of Getting Rid Of Herpes Virus Completely: Learn how to overcome and cure herpes forever! 
     Take a tour on some of the most effective ways ever proven to wipe out the herpes simplex virus from the body leaving you healthier than never before. 
    Herpes simplex virus is a true catastrophe. It is real and it could catch anyone within any age frame. It may also be very important to point out that it is very contagious. It is widespread all over America (and not only there!) in that for instance one in every four women have genital herpes while one in every 5th men have the same. 
    It is extremely important not only to treat herpes sometimes. It is very important for your health to eliminate the herpes virus out of your body. For instance, did you know that Alzheimer’s disease has a very strong positive correlation with Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1)? 
    According to this eBook, you will discover that both the resolve herpes and the MMS remedy come in very handy when it comes to treating both the simplex 1 and 2 viruses that cause herpes. While various pieces of literary works have been composed to explain the various methods in which these deadly viruses can be gotten rid of, most of them have not been particularly genuine. See, most of these compilations have delved on the remedies that help get rid of the symptoms but not the root cause. Just in the same way chopping a tree’s leaves won’t stop it from leafing the next season, you cannot treat the symptoms of herpes and expect to be well for ever. It is only bound to attack you at a later stage and who knows, it could be worse. 
    The most important thing to get familiar with is the various ways you could protect yourself and your loved ones form contracting the virus. If you take keen notes as you go through this eBook, you will be guaranteed of maximum protection and permanent healing from this catastrophe. Welcome to a herpes free life.  
    Here is a preview of what you´ll learnThe knowledge of herpes, ways of contracting the virus and its symptoms.The different types of herpes simplex virus.The importance of treating herpes and clearing the virus out of the system.How to protect the people around you from contracting the virus.How to reduce the intensity of the virus and treat its symptoms.How to get rid of the herpes virus completely out of your body by using proven remedies. 
    Take action right away to learn about how to finally overcome Herpes forever!".
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    Shealy’s approach to Energy Medicine incorporates alternative and holistic therapies, offering you a practical guide with ten major complementary and alternative medical (CAM) approaches to: • Nutrition and lifestyle • Mind-Body medicine • Traditional Chinese medicine • Yoga and Ayurvedic medical systems • Homeopathy • Bioenergetic medicine • Herbal medicine • Dietary supplements and vitamins • Chiropractic and osteopathic therapies • Massage
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  • Make Yourself Better - A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Body's Wellbeing through Ancient Medicine - cover

    Make Yourself Better - A...

    Philip Weeks

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    Applying his deep understanding of holistic medical traditions from both East and West, Philip Weeks guides the reader through the process of restoring the body's wellbeing using a simple combination of natural techniques, diet and herbal medicines. He explores five key interconnected areas through which wellbeing can be attained - nourishment; detoxification; lifestyle; activation; and mind, emotions and spirit - based on his analogy of the wheel of health. 
    The author explores in depth the importance of good nutrition and detoxification, with clear explanations of specific methods and techniques and of the general principles to adhere to. He includes simple recipes and clinically-tested detoxification plans. The health benefits of activity and physical exercise are explored, as are the effects of potentially harmful substances such as mercury, additives and plastics, and the simple steps that can be taken to avoid these. He also looks in a holistic way at specific emotional difficulties the reader may be faced with, such as anger, stress and grief, and at how to deal with these in order to achieve wellbeing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. 
    Compassionate and realistic, Make Yourself Better will empower the reader to make more informed choices in their day-to-day life to achieve a greater level of health and vitality.
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    The modern martial art from Orient Japan called Aikido is often referred to as the “art of peace” because it espouses to a quick peaceful end to any form of aggression. In the practice place of Aikido, usually called even dojo, readers will be able to learn about Aikido. The main reason why being relaxed and calm is taught in Aikido practice is because at the heart of its principles of spirituality and philosophy, Aikido masters and instructors believe that the ki or ch’i or energy can only truly flow in its complete potential energy when one is totally relaxed. It is in this relaxed state that ki flows freely and smoothly. This philosophy that ki is a force that is very strong and fundamental... Anyway in this book you will find more about Aikido.
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