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Run a Marathon: Train to Run a Marathon with Become Superhuman!!! - Become Superhuman - cover

Run a Marathon: Train to Run a Marathon with Become Superhuman!!! - Become Superhuman

Amy Newport

Publisher: Adam James

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Running a marathon is one of the most demanding challenges you can put yourself through, it can be dangerous if you aren't well prepared.


Remain injury free and set yourself up for the best possible chance for success by Becoming Superhuman!  

We cover all that you need to know about running your first marathon, 


What you need 

What you DON’T need 

Going on your first REAL run 

How to avoid the dreaded Crash 

How to prepare to conquer your goal of running a marathon 

And a lot more! 


So throw on your favorite cape and mask and let’s go run a marathon!



Click the BUY NOW button and Become Superhuman!

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