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Zheng’s Heart - cover

Zheng’s Heart

Amber Kell

Publisher: Totally Bound

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A second chance in life, a second chance for love.
Jonathan Zheng’s spirit has been hanging around Aaron’s neck for the past five months. When he finally gets a body, he discovers a new life comes with new issues.
Between exploring a relationship with Banner, the hot bartender at Orion’s club, and learning more about the man he’s become, Zheng discovers what he wants in life might not be what he originally thought.
When a killer starts piling up the bodies, Zheng has to not only cope with the investigation but also battle his new body’s insane cravings. Will he be able to work alongside Aaron and discover who is murdering people, or will he sink into madness like he was warned about?

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    A Wolf’s Christmas Bunny is a short, standalone gay holiday romance with male pregnancy. Intended for mature audiences only.
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    Nerdy Penelope has never even been kissed. But that was before her hot college roommates offer to be her study buddies...in the bedroom.  
    It's basically chiseled bodies, piercing eyes, strong hands, and testosterone twenty-four-seven at her house. Now she's got two virile men giving her a very adult education, and the one thing she's always been good at is being a star pupil. The best part is she doesn't have to choose—she gets them both and can literally do anything she wants to them. 
    Except keep them. 
    Author Confession: You know and I know that I will only ever deliver you an HEA, so sit back and enjoy the sweet, filthy love story of a nerdy heroine and two hunky alphamallows. Let me know which one steals your heart more. I bet you can't choose either.
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    Beckett is a sweet omega who is ready to start thinking about a family of his own—but he can't seem to get a second date. Frustrated, he turns to his older brother's best friend for advice about what he's doing wrong. Except he thinks Matthew is straight. 
    Matthew is not straight. In fact, Beckett brings out all his possessive alpha instincts. Instincts he's been fighting tooth and nail since they started sharing an apartment because he owes it to his best friend not to take advantage of the inexperienced Beckett. 
    But asking him how to seduce another man is the last straw. How can he fight it when all he can think of doing is claiming Beckett for his own and filling the omega's belly with his baby? 
    If you like your MM steamy and endings happy, this hot series will get you right in the feels. Some of the Briton's books are reimagined from a different series.
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