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Hush: A Forbidden Romance - cover

Hush: A Forbidden Romance

Amanda Maxlyn

Publisher: Amanda Maxlyn

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From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Maxlyn comes an all new sexy romance about forbidden love. 

I never expected to get fired on my birthday of all days. But that was the start of many unexpected things. With him. It was one night masked in desire and pleasure that changed everything. He's all I think about — all I want. And he's everything I can't possibly have. My sisters ex. My swim coach. 

Now, all I'm left with are stolen glances, brief touches, and a burning desire for more as I drown in my need for him- the man who's off limits, totally forbidden. 

Unless ... We keep it completely hushed.

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  • The Contract: The Leash and the Landlord (Billionaire BDSM Erotic Romance) - cover

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    After missing her rent payments, Catherine Clark risks losing her apartment and the only remaining family she has. However, mysterious real estate mogul, Matthew Cain, contacts her with an offer that sounds too good to be true. Intrigued by the handsome yet reclusive man’s charitable offer, she agrees to meet with the young billionaire. However, the young woman soon learns that the hot-tempered Mr. Cain isn’t satisfied with owning a vast property empire. He plans on owning her body as well.
    	Trading a lease for a leash, Catherine reluctantly enters a total power exchange with Mr. Cain. He will decide everything from her appearance to her schedule. As his newly collared slave, she soon learns of Mr. Cain’s dark side. Employing a host of sexual implements, he punishes her for the smallest of mistakes and perceived slights. The billionaire’s business acumen is only matched by his cruelty. His skill at his art brings Catherine to new extremes of emotion. She struggles to reconcile her growing attraction to her new Master and her begrudging enjoyment of her punishments.
    	The strong-willed woman stirs something deep within Matthew Cain’s heart. Furious at her defiance, he leashes her like a feral animal. Nonetheless, she catches a glimpse of the kindness buried deep within his heart. Abandoned and betrayed by the people he loved, the times have changed him for the worst. Can a woman’s love change him back?
    	EXPICIT: This 18,000 word story contains graphic BDSM imagery such as bondage, leashes, whipping, spanking, humiliation, and wax play. It may be too intense and vivid for some to handle!
    	“Your looks are immaterial to me,” he stated, folding his arms. “I need you to be emotionally capable of doing what I ask. Otherwise, I will be forced to cancel our arrangement.”
    	“Oh my God,” I cried out, covering my face. I think I needed a counter for how many times I said or thought that today. “You’re going to treat me like some whore.”
    	“I need you to be emotionally capable of working under me,” he said, casually dismissing my concerns. He steadied me by putting his hand on my shoulder. “Let’s have a test run. Please undress yourself.”
    	“You’re crazy,” I said, slack jawed at the demand. I batted his hand away too little effect. “Absolutely crazy. I’m leaving this place. I’m leaving you and your contract. Goodbye.”
    	“I wasn’t asking,” he stated, grabbing my shoulder and sitting me down. The contact between our bodies was like an electric shock. No one had ever been so brazen and rough with me. The reaction brought out strange new emotions from deep within me. It was as though I was a color blind woman who saw the world in color for the first time. I looked at him as if to reason with him. The intensity in his eyes stopped my breath cold. Suddenly, I knew what this was all about. This wasn’t a mere sexual peccadillo for him. This was the new baseline he expected. He wanted power over me. He wanted ownership over my body and my mind. “Now undress.”
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    Making room for two children in a busy household won’t be easy, but leave it to Nate, Ryan and Rio to do it with plenty of laughter and tears along the way.  At the age of eighteen, Nate Gills was forced out of his family for being gay. With hush money in his pocket and anger in his heart, Nate fled Washington DC for Chicago to start a new life. Although he eventually found love with two wonderful men, he buried his feelings of abandonment behind a façade of confidence.  When a horrific accident takes the lives of his younger brother and sister-in-law, Nate is forced to revisit the emotions he’d worked so hard to bury. In a twist of fate, Nate is named guardian of a niece and nephew he’s never met, putting him into direct conflict with the father who shunned him so many years earlier.  Will the threesome who have spent years enjoying sexual pleasure whenever and wherever the mood struck, be able to adjust to having two children in the house? Or will they lose their relationship along the way?
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  • The Hardcore Remedy - cover

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    Chris Johns

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    WARNING! This story contains Gay Sex, Bareback Sex, and Orgies. If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!
    Compassionate, Sympathetic, and Caring: That’s what makes Psychologist Tim Baxter popular among the boys he treats. After getting enough credibility for difficult cases, Tim's superior hands him down a case that will change his life forever...
    Nursing young Cameron back to sanity to solve his impending case, Tim finds himself falling fast for the damaged young man. And to his delight, the feeling is mutual.
    After years of living a happy and content life together, the possibility of a happy ending is at arms length. But just when everything has fallen into place, the past catches up with Tim and complicates his relationship with Cameron. The problem being in the form of J, an old patient of Tim who has fallen for him during the course of his treatment.
    With a heart to help, Tim helps the young J find his balance with the help of Cameron.
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  • But I'm Old Enough To Be Your Mother (All 10 Stories) - cover

    But I'm Old Enough To Be Your...

    Sally Hollister

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    But I’m Old Enough To Be Your Mother ( All 10 stories) is a series of tales about older women and younger men. This first one tells of Evelyn who has her dog rescued from a  river by arts student, Charlie. He refuses any reward offered by Evelyn’s invalid husband, Bill, but accepts the offer of a part-time job helping Evelyn around the house. He’s attracted to older women which is a God-send to Evelyn who’s been deprived of sex due to Bill’s illness. Still, she hesitates from going all the way with her young man, till Bill suggests the installation of CCTV cameras in her bedroom so he can watch the action. 
    	In the second story an innocent verbal flirtation with her daughter, Clarice’s boyfriend, Eric, gets out of hand for Julie when her panties go missing and Eric’s starts rubbing against her suggestively. It’s down to hubby, Ted, to take drastic action to stop the young man in his tracks. 
    	The third story is a bit more light-hearted. Norm encourages wife, Ethel, to take a lover as he works so hard that he doesn’t have the energy to satisfy her sexual needs. The one condition he imposes is that the lover must be a young man, whereas Ethel would prefer an older, more experienced, lover. Ethel wonders at Norm’s motives, till all becomes clear. 
    	In the fourth story Jenny sees young Frankie staring at her panties on the washing line. He’s obviously turned on by them and that, in turn, gets Jenny going. But what can she do about it? She’s an older married woman with kids of her own and he’s only a boy. Dare she risk it, and how far should she go? 
    	In the fifth Eric spots young Billy from next door ogling his wife Carol’s knickers on the washing line. A perfect opportunity to relive the swinging they gave up years ago. 
    	The sixth story concerns Janet who is encouraged by her friend, Celia, to take her young gardener, Charlie, as a lover. But Janet worries that he might not be interested in older women till she discovers he is infatuated with redheads, which she is. Still, she worries about cuckolding hubby, Randolph, till he too falls into place by permitting her to cheat because of his own diminishing sex drive. Janet then discovers that a wife with a lover suddenly becomes a very desirable item. 
    	Ben and Mary used to be swingers when they were in their 30s. Now, over 20 years later, Ben expresses a desire to watch Mary having sex with a black man. Their initial efforts to find a black lover are unsuccessful, but eventually they come across Elroy but he wants to film the action. Mary dons a wig so she won't be recognised but when it comes to the crunch she realises that there's big black cock and then there's really big black cock. 
    	George calls her Aunty Maureen because she's known him since he was a young boy even through they're not related. But as he becomes a man she notices his interest in her and sets out on a voyage of sexual education. He wants to go all the way with her, but as a married woman she's reluctant. Then, her husband leaves her, and she's suddenly available. 
    	Vicky takes a part-time job in her local corner shop. The proprietor's son, Ravi, enjoys flirting with her and that leads to some hanky panky that develops into a full-blown affair but they never make it to a bed till Ravi's due to have an arranged marriage. 
    	Doctor's wife, Pamela, is an exhibitionist and likes exposing herself to her husband's patients as they sit in the waiting room. But young Henry Queen isn't happy with just looking and wants more which Pamela is happy with, till she knocks on his front door for a planned assignation and his wife answers.
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  • Blackmailed Into Submission - cover

    Blackmailed Into Submission

    Mistress Daria

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    This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices. 
    Carrie lives with her aunt and works nights as a waitress, but can’t seem to pay the rent on time each month. However, her dear old auntie does have a nice little garden out in the back yard so she thought it the perfect place to grow a little something extra to help boost her tiny income she got in tips. 
    Well, that was until she heard a loud banging on their backdoor one evening! It was Mrs. Jones and she was twirling a strange looking leaf in her hand, Busted! 
    Mrs. Jones is a hot 40 year old widow, only she’s threatening to call the police! Carrie begs her not to. She’s willing to give up anything. Only she doesn’t have much, or does she?  
    She can’t even come up with this month’s utility bills. But maybe she has something else she can give up…. 
    Mrs. Jones, takes an overly long once over look at Carrie’s hot young body. Thoughts running through her twisted, lonely mind. Here’s this innocent, hot, young woman who is begging her 'willing to give up anything'! 
    "Please, Mrs. Jones, Cheryl, please don't call the cops, I’ll give anything, but please don't call the cops!" 
    A devious smile formed on her face as she replied, “Mmmmm, I like this submissive, begging side of you. Maybe there is something you could give me." 
    What does Mrs. Jones have in her lewd and twisted mind?
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