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Love Me Deadly - Deadly Destiny #1 - cover

Love Me Deadly - Deadly Destiny #1

Alycia Linwood

Publisher: Alycia Linwood

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Destiny’s world is anything but ordinary, only she doesn’t know it yet. Some of her memories are missing, and the handsome and intriguing Nataniel whose attention she has caught is more than just a bartender. 
After she suffers a fatal accident, Destiny is turned into a vampire by none the other than the sexy, arrogant, and infuriating famous supermodel Enrique, who expects her to be at his beck and call. Forced to abandon her dreams and plans, she has to learn to feed on humans and navigate the supernatural world. As if that isn’t hard enough, she and Nataniel find themselves on opposing sides. 
But when a party goes wrong, Destiny wakes up surrounded by corpses with no idea as to how that happened, and Enrique refuses to help. Her only hope to find and stop the killer before more people die lies with Nataniel… if she’s willing to risk trusting him. 
Mature content and language. Not suitable for younger readers. 
The first book in the Deadly Destiny series.

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    "Brilliantly upsetting and endearing . . . riveting."—Newsday 
    An updated and revised edition of Wallace Shawn's most outlandish work to date. 
    This poetic epic about a scientist, his wife, and his two mistresses as they fend for their lives in a world savagely close to extinction, raises issues of redemption, forgiveness, and responsibility. Grasses of a Thousand Colors is a troubling, erotic adventure that received high critical praise for its first New York City revival in 2013, starring Shawn. 
    Wallace Shawn is a noted actor and writer. His often politically charged and controversial plays include The Fever, Aunt Dan and Lemon, Marie and Bruce, and The Designated Mourner. With Andre´ Gregory, he co-wrote My Dinner with Andre´, in which he also starred.
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    Alpha werewolf Brendan Kelly knows there is more to his future mate than he knows, but he won’t let anything or anyone get in the way when it comes to their destiny together. 
    Meeting Carmela might have been a nail in vampire Derek Ashmore’s coffin. However, he can’t stop thinking about her regardless of the very real danger that might pose. 
    This is part two in a werewolf/vampire menage serial with a cliffhanger, explicit language and sexual situations. Please read the books in order.
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  • The Monster Files - The Monster Files - cover

    The Monster Files - The Monster...

    Cate Dean

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    The entire, action packed trilogy in one set! 
    *Includes a bonus story: Once Fallen - The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued 
    Alex Finch: Monster Hunter 
    Meet Alex Finch - tomboy, techno geek, monster hunter. 
    Reluctant monster hunter. 
    A school project, an absentminded project partner, and a misplaced backpack all change 16-year-old Alex Finch's life forever. 
    In a single afternoon Alex finds the missing backpack, has a run-in with Sam, the boy she's had a crush on since first grade - and discovers that monsters are real. 
    That mind-blowing incident throws her life in a completely different direction, uncovering secrets that cost her more than she could ever imagine. And the further she digs, the darker and more dangerous the secrets become. 
    What else is hiding behind the ordinary facade of her California beach town? 
    Alex is about to find out. 
    Truth and Consequences 
    Alex Finch survived her first encounter with monsters. But in the fallout she lost Sam, and gained a vicious, clawed Devil as a stalker. 
    Now a random attack, a threatening note, and a surprising discovery leads Alex closer to the truth of what happened ten years ago. 
    With the help of her new friends, she digs even deeper into Emmettsville's past, and finds out that learning the truth has consequences. 
    Sometimes, deadly consequences. 
    Bonus Story: Once Fallen 
    The story that began in The Claire Wiche Chronicles continues... 
    Zach Wiche has been trying to live a normal life ever since he discovered he was a fallen angel. Normal, that is, until the ghost of his friend Simon decides to hang around. A ghost only he can see. 
    When Simon goes missing, Zach is left to fight the pain of their lost connection, and the destruction of the protective walls that kept most of the emotions that swirled around him at bay. It takes a stranger with a gift, and his new friend Alex Finch to help him find his way forward. 
    That path takes him to Simon - and to a shocking discovery that will change their lives. 
    Welcome to The Haven 
    Alex has recovered from her deadly battle with the woman who took Sam. Now she is helping run the underground haven, and learning to live with the inhuman residents. 
    When one of the residents is murdered, suspicion falls on Sam. And her greatest fear starts happening again - that she'll lose him. This time for good. 
    As the body count goes up, Alex is determined to find the real killer, no matter what the cost. 
    For her, the cost may end up being her life. 
    The Monster Files (ideal reading order): 
    Book 1 - Alex Finch: Monster Hunter 
    Book 2 - Truth and Consequences 
    Once Fallen (The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued) 
    Book 3 - Welcome to The Haven 
    Finding Grace (The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued) 
    Book 3.5 - A Monster Files Wedding 
    The Monster Files Box Set (includes A Monster Files Wedding) 
    More YA by Cate Dean: 
    The Black Mountain Saga: 
    Book I - Rosamond's Heart 
    Book II - Danel of Black Mountain 
    Shattered Throne Series: 
    Prequel - Second Son 
    Book 1 - Shattered Throne 
    Book 2 - Blood Prince 
    Lore - Tales of Myth and Legend Retold - The Barricades
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  • Immortal Awakening - Immortal Heart #5 - cover

    Immortal Awakening - Immortal...

    Magen McMinimy

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    Sometimes, a single choice can bring Hell to your door. 
    	The consequences of Makyle’s decisions have reached beyond the Underworld to touch the one woman he’s always vowed to protect. With just a drop of his blood, Samira has found herself linked to the Immortal Ruler. When Makyle starts haunting her dreams and the physical manifestation of his torture reaches out to nearly cripple her, she calls the only person she believes can help—Uriah. 
    	Once in the Light Lands, Samira finds herself thrust into the lives of the warriors as they gear up to save one of their own. However, a trip to the Underworld brings unseen danger as Samira’s past comes to light, the Dark Fae seize opportunities to further their agenda, and the remaining Immortal Four look to take back what is theirs. 
    	Follow the warriors as they fight for family, love, and loyalty in the fifth installment of the Immortal Heart Series.
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