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Invisible - Tainted Elements #2 - cover

Invisible - Tainted Elements #2

Alycia Linwood

Publisher: Alycia Linwood

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Moira faces new challenges as she finds herself in the hands of the enemy. Determined to escape and keep everyone she cares about safe, she has to do things she's never even dreamed of doing, including trusting the one who betrayed her... 
Invisible is the second book in the Tainted Elements series. 
The Tainted Elements series reading order: 
MONSTER (Book 3) 
CAPTIVE (Book 4) 
HUNTED (Book 5) 

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    Complicating matters further is Billie's upcoming 30th birthday, a local preacher who's convinced she is a force of evil and an ambitious reporter determined to publicly discredit Billie as a dangerous fraud. 
    While John Gantry returns to England to face his dark past, and Detective Mockler is tied up at work, Billie confronts these challenges alone. Her only ally is the grisly ghost of a child who eternally watches over her.
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    What people are saying about The Fall of Ossard: 
    "Really well realised female lead” & “Great take on a magic/religious system" – Trudi Canavan 
    "I stayed up all night" - Sara Douglass 
    "A dark fantasy world that will suck you in" - The Newcastle Herald 
    "Brave... Innovative... Bold..." & "Recommended for readers of Robin Hobb, Sara Douglass & Fiona McIntosh" – Stefen Brazulaitis, columnist, Australian Bookseller and Publisher Magazine 
    Ossard is Falling... 
    The world is dying, a victim of a divine war few mortals are aware of, let alone understand. The rival gods of Life and Death have set the scene for this great unravelling, leaving the world unbalanced and crumbling. One by one, peoples and nations fall into ash and ruin. 
    The wealthy city-state of Ossard is about to become a casualty of this ages long war. A chain of unsolved kidnappings is but the first symptom of its impending doom. The powers that be seem unable to stem the diabolical crimes, but one woman, coming of age and awakening to magic, will stand up for the innocent and flare as a last spark of hope. 
    Juvela can see what others can't. The very currents of the celestial are open to her, and that includes the truths they hide. As she investigates the mysterious kidnappings she'll face cultists, the bloody agents of the Inquisition, and the gods themselves. Can she overcome forces both human and divine, while she wrestles with her own emerging powers that threaten to turn her into something unrecognizable?
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