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Bargaining with the Billionaire - Honeybrook Love Inc #3 - cover

Bargaining with the Billionaire - Honeybrook Love Inc #3

Allison Gatta

Publisher: Allison Gatta

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Franco DelRossi is used to getting what he wants whenever he wants. In business or in life, his demands are usually satisfied before they’re made. So, when a smart-mouthed secretary insists he still has a thing or two to learn, he balks at the suggestion. Unfortunately for him, though, this mouthy bombshell has a demand or two of her own…  
Eliza Ford has never been the 9-5 type, so when a case at her new job has her working overtime, she knows she’s got to do something to fix it. The only problem is that means she’s got to take the sexy Italian billionaire bull by the horns. She’s got to teach this guy what it means to be a gentleman, or one of them is going to die trying…

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    When it comes to emotion, the man hasn’t got a clue. 
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  • Fucked By The Horny Unicorn - Horse Sex Unicorn Bestiality Erotica Beastiality Erotica Fucking Sucking Sex Stories Zoophilia XXX Multiple Partner Creampie Bareback Breeding Erotica - cover

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    Jenna stopped suddenly in the middle of the road when she saw something impossible.
    A unicorn! Of course she didn’t have her camera at the ready.
    But when it bounded into the forest, she had to make a choice. Follow it or forget she ever saw it.
    Bringing my car to a stop I couldn't believe what I was seeing. In the middle of the road stood a pure, sapphire unicorn. Rubbing my eyes and pinching myself, I watched this large, beautiful animal look into my car with a curious expression.
    I frantically searched around for a camera so I could at least have proof I saw unicorn. But with my luck, I couldn't find my camera. Maybe I could get something else that would prove that this was real instead of a dream.
    Maybe some hair. That was it! Should I dare approach him?
    As soon as I stepped outside my vehicle, the unicorn pranced out into a meadow. Not believing what I was seeing, I followed.
    "How in the world am I going to prove that you exist?" I muttered to myself, feeling foolish since no one was around.
    He allowed me to approach him. I wasn't frightened, but rather in awe of what I was seeing. It may have been dangerous to approach such a beast, but I had to prove it was alive, even if it was just for just my own curiosity.
    Stepping forward, the unicorn sniffed my clothes and looked into my eyes. I felt a connection to the creature and wanted to please him. I couldn't explain it, but that's how I felt.
    When the unicorn tore off my shirt, I just stood there and shivered. I couldn't believe this was happening and didn't know how to handle it. Tentatively, I touched his muzzle and felt his soft nose. I felt a strong urge overcome my senses and found myself ripping off my bra, bearing my breasts to him.
    His soft muzzle rested on my pert breasts as he licked at my nipples. Shuddering in pleasure, I shoved them in his face. He nuzzled and sucked on one of my breasts as I stood there, shuddering with pleasure.
    He switched to the other one and sucked it into his large mouth as his tongue lashed my nipple. I panted as excitement filled me.
    My hand slid down to my pants and slid underneath to my panties as I touched my soft folds and excited clit.
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  • Too Wicked to Tame - cover

    Too Wicked to Tame

    Sophie Jordan

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    Would a Reluctant Beauty Ever Wed . . .  
    Headstrong Lady Portia Derring has an impeccable pedigree . . . and not a penny to her name. Which is why she is alone on the rain-swept Yorkshire moor, waiting for a wealthy earl she has never met but whom her family insists she wed. When she's nearly trampled by the blackguard's stallion, Portia is more determined than ever to refuse Heath Moreton's suit. Handsome devil he may be, but she could never marry a rogue who's so clearly out of control! 
    A Wild, Incorrigible Beast? 
    An avowed bachelor, scion of the notorious "Mad" Moreton clan, Heath won't be shackled in matrimony. Why then does this rain-drenched beauty excite him so? Desire consumes him, but the eminently beddable lady resists his well-practiced seductions. Now only one route remains: Heath must ignore his bad blood, vanquish his inner beast . . . and prove to Portia that she's the only woman capable of taming his heart.
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