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At Any Cost - TREX #2 - cover

At Any Cost - TREX #2

Allie K. Adams

Publisher: Allie K. Adams

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** Newly edited to improve and expand content! ** 
They trust no one… 
TREX Special Agent Dan Weber gave up his director position to take the lead role on the team assigned to protect the greatest biological weapon ever created. Now it’s disappeared. It’s up to Dan to hunt down the double agent suspected of stealing the weapon and threatening to unleash it on the world if his demands aren’t met. TREX pairs Dan with a reckless rookie—a rookie who looks more like a swimsuit model than a member of the covert agency. 
Reeling from past betrayals, Dan doesn't trust anyone—especially the gorgeous tomboy he’s been saddled with. The rookie will only get in his way and slow him down. The fact she stirs up feelings in him he’s long since buried means nothing. There’s a mole within the agency, one hell bent on taking out every member of Dan’s team before destroying the world, and Dan will stop at nothing to find the mole at any cost. His new partner’s interest in his team is more than a coincidence, and he’s determined to find out why. 
Including each other… 
Determined to prove herself in a male-dominated field, Agent JT Turner eagerly accepts a shady mission to track down a phantom weapon the agency denies ever existed. Too eagerly, according to Dan. JT sees it as a chance to show them all she belongs on the frontline—the first female to make it into spec ops. Being paired with their top agent, superspy Dan Weber himself, guarantees her a spot in the elite division—even if it means taking his. 
Refusing to let a hungry rookie screw up such an important mission, Dan sets out to uncover the mole on his own—someone who just might be closer than anyone realizes. But JT won't stand down; she's got an agenda of her own and plans to uncover the mole before Dan. 
When the two unlikely partners track the weapon to Colombia, they uncover a deeper plot than either could have realized, one that hits them both personally and threatens everything they’ve ever stood for. Undermanned and unarmed, can JT and Dan unravel a madman's plot and remove the threat before it’s unleashed? In a race against time, the line between desire and destiny will blur, and their true desires will finally be met. 
It’s the adventure of a lifetime—if they can survive.

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    As she desperately pieces together the threadbare clues, Rachel realizes that nothing is quite as she imagined it to be, not even her own judgment. And the greatest dangers may lie not in the anonymous strangers of every parent’s nightmares, but behind the familiar smiles of those she trusts the most. 
    Where is Ben? The clock is ticking...
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    Mounting danger… 
    Despite knowing he can’t be the fairy tale hero Kat wants, Spencer makes promises he can’t keep while harboring secrets that may ultimately destroy her. Kat refuses to fall back into the role of a pawn in TREX’s web of lies and deceit. She walks away from the only man she’s ever loved in the hopes he’ll come after her—this time. 
    When Kat’s life is threatened, Spencer vows to protect her at any cost. He’s willing to do anything to ensure her safety—even if it means putting his own life on the line. Will rescuing Kat be Spencer’s final mission? 
    Ignoring your instincts could prove fatal.
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    Net Force Created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik is back with a new cyberterrorism challenge which challenges the world's money supply.  
      The year is 2018, but some things haven't changed: personal liberties are eroding across the world, countries are taking up arms against their neighbors, and the United States remains the leader of the Free World. 
      Prince Sami Mustafa of Birhan is not a bad man. Educated in the West, he maintains close ties with the US. But Birhan's economic and political instability threaten his rule, and he fears he will soon be deposed like other rulers throughout his region. If the US sides with the rebels, he has no hope of surviving. 
      Unknown to Mustafa, there are sinister forces at work within his own government that will soon compel America to align against him. When a nerve gas attack massacres his ethnic opposition, the prince is horrified but ultimately held accountable. The US immediately threatens sanctions and military action. 
      The man secretly responsible for launching for the gas attack--a traitorous official within Mustafa's government--has other plans. He does the unthinkable and hires the services of master hacker Drajan Petrovik, one of a new crop of cyber-criminals known as technology vampires. Petrovik is a genius and a man without fear. 
      Petrovik knows that America can't be defeated--but it can be distracted. And he's got the plan and the tools to do it. He'll start by bringing this conflict home to US soil. If everything goes right, he'll end up not only buying time for the country of Birhan, but getting obscenely rich, too. 
      The only people standing between Petrovik and his destructive goals are a select group forming the nucleus of Net Force. Though still untested, the newly assembled Net Force team must simultaneously engage the cyber-terrorists abroad and fend off a crippling attack in America's largest city. Failure will mean global catastrophe. Success may lead Net Force to the highest level of the United States government.
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  • Embattled Hearts - Lost and Found #1 - cover

    Embattled Hearts - Lost and...

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    A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. 
    "I predict this series will be one of the all-time best published in 2013." Romance Junkies 
    John Palmer hasn’t felt like a real man since he was injured during combat in Iraq. Though not content with his new life, he is mostly adapting, just like the other vets at the Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Service. When Shannon Murphy is hired on as the new office manager, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Before long, John finds himself wondering if he could ever be the kind of man Shannon needs. 
    Shannon Murphy wasn’t really looking for love when she hired on at LNF, but finds herself hopelessly attracted to the sex-on-wheels former Marine, John Palmer. The man is grumpy and nearly impossible to work with, but his brand of masculinity appeals to her on a basic level. Soon Shannon is wondering just what it would take for John to want her the way she wants him. 
    When an old enemy tries to settle a vendetta against Shannon, John insists on protecting her. He moves into her house, fanning the spark of attraction into a blaze. But the danger continues to escalate. Will the connection that they’ve found survive when they’re thrust into a fight for their lives?
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