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Untamed Rivalry - Scenes from a Female Fight Club - cover

Untamed Rivalry - Scenes from a Female Fight Club

Alexis Diletti, Ellis Kent

Publisher: Club der Sinne

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Untamed Rivalry: Scenes from a Female Fight Club - is a confessional novel set in a very private women-only fight club. The book brings to life a secret, ritualistic and erotic world, where women test themselves against each other sexually and in vicious naked combat. The central thread of the story is the rivalry between the author Alexis and Karen, both newly admitted club members. The story covers their first meeting and traces the way their instinctive rivalry grows, their admission fight to win membership, a private sexfight until they fight it out in front of the membership. The story takes us around the world and describes a number of different types of female combat.

There are erotic descriptions of the tense, erotic-charged build-up to the fights, the email and graphic verbal exchanges. The darkly sexy pre-fight rituals and the sexual rewards enjoyed by the winners are also a noteworthy feature. The content is highly adult-oriented and explicit and while it is written about women by a woman it should appeal to both sexes.

The author Alexis is highly experienced in catfighting, wrestling and sexfighting and has appeared in many films. She also explores "alpha" women's drive to combat and their competitive instincts.

At 96,000 words this is the most substantial novel in its category.

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