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The Federalist Papers & Anti-Federalist Papers: Complete Edition of the Pivotal Constitution Debate - Including Articles of Confederation (1777) Declaration of Independence US Constitution Bill of Rights & Other Amendments – All With Founding Fathers' Arguments & Decisions about the Constitution - cover

The Federalist Papers & Anti-Federalist Papers: Complete Edition of the Pivotal Constitution Debate - Including Articles of Confederation (1777) Declaration of Independence US Constitution Bill of Rights & Other Amendments – All With Founding Fathers' Arguments & Decisions about the Constitution

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, Patrick Henry, Samuel Bryan

Publisher: Madison & Adams Press

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How the Constitutional Debate changed the old political system and shaped the very core of American democracy – This meticulously created collection contains the old laws of the country and the constitutional changes made after the Revolution, together with the arguments of Founding Fathers about the crucial decisions which shaped the America we know today: government resting on the people, executive power status, election organization, defense, taxation, powers of the Union, the judiciary, senate... By reading their words you will have a clear understanding how this debate influenced our present and created the American democracy:
Need for Stronger Union
  Federalist Papers: I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  Anti-Federalist Papers: John Dewitt I&II
Bill of Rights
  Federalist: LXXXIV
  Anti-Federalist: John Dewitt II
Nature and Powers of the Union
  Federalist: I, XIV, XV
  Anti-Federalist: Patrick Henry
Responsibility and Checks in Self-government
  Federalist: X, LI
  Anti-Federalist: Centenel I
Extent of Union, States' Rights, Bill of Rights, Taxation
  Federalist: X, XXXII, XXXIII, XXXV…
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus I
Extended Republics
  Federalist: VII, X, XIV, XXXV, XXXVI
  Anti-Federalist: Federal Farmer I&II
Broad Construction, Taxing Powers
  Federalist: XXIII, XXX, XXXI, XXXII…..
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus VI
Defense, Standing Armies
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus X
The Judiciary
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus XI, XII, XV
Government Resting on the People
  Federalist: XXIII, XLIX
  Anti-Federalist: John Dewitt III
Executive Power
  Federalist: LXVII
  Anti-Federalist: Cato V
Regulating Elections
  Federalist: LIX
  Anti-Federalist: Cato VII
House of Representatives
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus IV
The Senate
  Federalist: LXII, LXIII
  Anti-Federalist: Brutus XVI
Articles of Confederation (1777)
Declaration of Independence
Available since: 04/21/2017.

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