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Summary of Empire of Pain - by Patrick Radden Keefe - The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty - A Comprehensive Summary - cover

Summary of Empire of Pain - by Patrick Radden Keefe - The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty - A Comprehensive Summary

Alexander Cooper

Publisher: Ben Business Group LLC

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Summary of Empire of Pain

In Empire of Pain (2021), Patrick Radden Keefe narrates how the Sackler family, over three generations, grew from immigrant newcomers to wealthy philanthropists and ultimately the people behind a drug that ended up killing thousands of Americans.
Originally based on good intentions, the Sacklers developed OxyContin, a revolutionary painkiller that was meant to help people live happier pain-free lives. But what started as a noble project quickly was overtaken by greed and political corruption, making OxyContin the cause of one of the largest opioid epidemics in the US.
Patrick Radden Keefe's assortment of work doesn't appear, from the start, the most open. An analytical columnist by profession, he investigates numerous habits of defilement, and his last book, 2019's Say Nothing, had a lift pitch that sounded anything other than standard. It dove into The Inconveniences in Ireland, using a long-time past disappearance of a 38-year-old mother of 10 to detail the human impact of that quite certain time in I.R.A. history. It additionally turned into a New York Times blockbuster — and was perhaps the best book of the year. Keefe has a method of making the distant extraordinarily edible, of transforming complex stories into page-turning spine chillers, and he's done it again with Empire of Pain.
The behemoth (450 pages, in addition to 80 a greater amount of notes and records) is a blistering — however carefully announced — takedown of the more distant family behind OxyContin, generally accepted to be at the main driver of our country's narcotic emergency. It's equivalent amounts of succulent society tattle (the Sackler name has been put across galleries and establishments in New York and London, they go to get-togethers with any semblance of Michael Bloomberg) and chronicled record of how they assembled their dynasty and in the end pushed Oxy onto the market. It's not prone to flip-flop anybody's assessment over who is at fault for the habit plague: In the event that you've made it this far with your conviction of the Sacklers' honesty unblemished, there's conceivably nothing that can be said to influence you. However, for the remainder of the understanding public, it experiences each guarantee inalienable in the word report. 
Empire is partitioned into three sections: Patriarch, which narrates the life and vocation of Arthur Sackler, who assembled the family's riches and dispatched their foray to drugs in any case; Dynasty, which bargains for the most part in the development of OxyContin (which outgrew the pain cure MS Contin); and Legacy, which underlines the beginning of the family's destruction, as well as, drives home Keefe's representation of exactly how reckless, cash-hungry, and scheming the Sacklers were in their push to rule the painkiller market. 

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