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Archery - The #1 Beginner's Guide for Everything An Archer Needs to Know About Recurve And Compound Bows - cover

Archery - The #1 Beginner's Guide for Everything An Archer Needs to Know About Recurve And Compound Bows

Albert Dawson

Publisher: Albert Dawson

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How To Hit A Bull´s Eye In A Day With The Royal Discipline Of Archery
“An archer cannot hit the bullseye if he doesn't know where the target is.” 
Did you ever wish you could shoot arrows like Robin Hood, Hawkeye or Katniss Everdeen?
Whenever you watch the Lord of the Rings, you imagine how powerful it must be to step in the shoes of Legolas...
...face your target 
...draw back your bow 
….and just shoot.
Yet, you push the thought into the corner of stupid childhood dreams, knowing archery is just for entertaining movie scenes.
You are wrong.
The medieval way of hunting turned into a royal discipline for everyone who wants to improve their confidence and become quicker than the fastest animal in the world.
Yes, your laser-sharp focus could even help you catch a cheetah.
Yet, archery is much more than just a safari hunt.
Archery was one of the first disciplines in the Olympic games and the latest gold medal winner Ku-Bon-Chan proves why it is a tough sport that needs practice and the right strategy.
Becoming the next Legolas requires much more than randomly picking an arrow from your quiver.
And even if you just want to rediscover your inner child, it is much more fun to shoot arrows in the woods if you know how to hit your target.
No one wants to miss their goal. 
Good thing, if you follow this simple but effective plan to get to the next level, you can improve your skill set within just one practice.
How many times have you started on something and given up within a week because you got frustrated?
A lot of people share this story. They start a new thing without any knowledge and expect themselves to be perfect within the first couple of shots.
Perfection might never be possible in the golden sports of archery. Yet, you can instantly succeed and hit your first target if you know how.
In “Archery”, you´ll discover:
- How to start your Legolas journey and bring Lord of the Rings into reality
- What are the Do´s and Don´ts to build a strong foundation in archery 
- How to make sure your arrow doesn´t hit your neighbor's dog
- Where to look for the bullseye
- How to practice without even touching your bow and arrow
- 9 common mistakes to avoid and take the shortcut to success
- Which bow will turn archery into a piece of cake
- How to maintain your golden instrument
- Tournaments for everyone from absolute beginner to Olympic star
- How much pocket money you need to become an archer
And much more.
No matter if you want to go at your own pace and enjoy some exercise or if you want to become an Olympian. If you want to increase confidence, focus and quick response time, archery is your sport.
Even if you are the most uncoordinated person in the world, the given strategies will help you to catch your perfect meal next time you are lost in the woods.
Give it a shot, draw your bow and know how to shoot.
Every childhood dream starts with the first action.
Stop dreaming and start doing!

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