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Little Sister's Sexy Secret - cover

Little Sister's Sexy Secret

Alana Church

Publisher: Boruma Publishing

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When her mother died, Ellen asked to move in with her older half-brother John. But it doesn't take long for the fires of passion to begin to smolder between the sexy siblings. And when a power outage leaves the horny twosome alone in the dark, it's only a matter of time until things get hot and sweaty. What will John do when he learns "Little Sister's Sexy Secret?"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Shit!” Startled, she nearly jumped out of her skin. “John?”

“Yeah.” The dark figure on the floor sat up. “Who else would it be?”

“What are you doing on the floor?”

“Couldn’t sleep. You?”

“I couldn’t sleep either.” She threw her pillow down on the floor, where it landed with a thump. “Come on, move over.”


She stretched out on her back. “What?”

“Are you…naked?”

“Yes, John.” She tried not to let her impatience show. “I’m naked. Because it’s like eighty degrees in here. And if you were smart, instead of worried about my nonexistent virtue, you’d be naked, too.”

She closed her eyes, trying to will herself to sleep. A few feet away, she could hear her brother, softly breathing. A whiff of his scent comforted her, subtly male.

Funny, she thought sleepily. I’ve never actually slept with another man before. Not in high school. And not even in college, when her roommate had flatly refused to let her boyfriend stay with her overnight in her dorm room. She wondered what it would be like. To roll over, pillow her head on her brother’s strong shoulder, and drift off to sleep, knowing that she was completely safe in his arms.

Well, not now, of course. It was too hot. But even the thought made Ellen squirm just a little. She cracked one eye open. John was lying flat on his back, his chest rising and falling slowly. From what she could see, he was wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else. In the dim light of the room, she could just make out the strong planes of his muscular chest, the barely visible ring of fuzz around his navel.

Whoa. She was barely able to hold back a silly giggle. I’m horny. For my brother!

As the truth of her realization sank in, her breasts and groin began to throb in time with her heartbeat. Below her waist, her cleft grew hot and slick. And above, the tips of her breasts stiffened in response, thrusting blindly up into the muggy night air.

I’ll be careful. I’ll touch myself just a little. Just enough to take the edge off. Barely breathing, she moved a hand across her stomach, past her fresh-shaven mound, and to her hidden opening. Barely breathing, she began to rub herself in tiny, back-and-forth strokes.

“Ellie.” Through her haze of lust, she couldn’t identify the emotion coloring her brother’s voice. Was it amusement? Or outrage? “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m masturbating, you big dummy.” Oh yeah. That’s it. She let a second finger join the first in the hot, sweltering depths of her cleft. Yeah. Let’s be friends. Oh, damn…

“Yes.” John’s voice was sardonic. “Because that makes perfect sense.”

“More sense than watching me, popping a boner, and not doing anything about it.” 

“I do not have a boner!”

“Sure, you don’t,” she snickered. “What do you call it, then? A hard-on? A stiffy? Morning wood? It is after midnight, after all.” She ground the heel of her palm into her mound. “And I’m not blind, John. Either you’re packing some pretty serious equipment in there, or there was one hell of a design flaw in your boxers.”

“I’m not…it’s not…”

“Oh, stop it. I’m not mad. I’m actually kind of flattered, if I can give an old guy like you a boner.” She let her free hand run up her side until it cupped the swelling curve of her breast. “Why don’t you take it out and show it to me? It’s the least you can do.”

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