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Men Also Have a Soul - cover

Men Also Have a Soul

Alain Habib

Publisher: Alain Habib

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There is only one thing more difficult than understanding feminism, it's to explain it. For the huge majority of the people, feminism is exactly or more or less what it claims to be: a struggle of women for equality between the sexes. Actually, this is not what feminism is. It has in fact more to see with a means of government of modern states that with a war between sexes. Abraham Lincoln once said: « You can't fool all of the people all the time ». He was wrong, you can. The proof that you can is that feminism does it. This book, however, does not try to explain the hidden nature of feminism. It is not a theory about feminism. It only points out some contradictions in the feminist logomachy. And it's not so bad.

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    When Poor Was Healthy makes a convincing argument that individuals of various socio-economic levels can make modest behavioral changes to improve their health. It provides a plethora of evidence that demonstrates the efficacy and feasibility of lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation, breastfeeding, and vaginal births, among others. Then it guides the reader through a step-by-step process to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce risk factors that lead to common chronic conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and common forms of cancer.
    The author is a public health practitioner.  She also is a native and resident of Mississippi, a state she acknowledges is negatively impacted by poverty, but obesity and tobacco use- not poverty- are the leading causes of its staggering rates of chronic diseases, C-sections, infant mortality, drug medication consumption, surgeries, and diabetic amputations, etc., that occur among the poor and uneducated as well as the affluent and college educated, particularly its Black residents, who make up nearly 40% of the population.
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    Can a book transform your life? If it can transform your mindset, then YES! From the most authentic Gurus to the highest acclaimed neuroscientists, they agree on one thing – Changing your life means changing your mind. 
    After extensive study and research, the author of Growth mindset Secrets has gathered the most powerful, transformative information that can turn an underperforming mind into a success-generating machine. 
    Ghramae Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and success coach. With two decades of experience and many clients that testify to his life transforming touch. He has documented much of his secret source within this book. The Growth mindset Secrets resource is designed to turn normal and underperforming mindsets into mindsets that are likened to the mindsets of the most successful people in the world. The information stored up within each page is capable of creating a significant shift in your thinking, in your behavior and therefore in your life. Follow the suggestions, and you’ll witness real, permanent change. It is an easy to follow guide that takes you through the stages of mindset growth. It clarifies the 3 vital levels of leveraging the 20 instrumental traits of the most successful. It walks you through one of the most powerful mind and heart systems for attracting your biggest desires. Also, a whole chapter is dedicated to some of the most effective Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that are capable of developing and expanding your intelligence. 
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    •    And lots, lots more! 
    With the right mindset, you can motivate and teach those you lead. Learn what it takes to transform their lives. 
    Warning: This book is fluff Free – only the effective and powerful were allowed in.
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    Do You Want To Lose Weight, Cleanse Or Just Clean Your House Better ? 
    Learn the many uses for your apple cider vinegar 
    You Will Learn The Following:Apple Cider Vinegar For BeginnersRemedies and CuresFor Weight LossHousehold CleaningBeauty BenefitsMany Many Health BenefitsAnd Much Much More!
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    This book is a true story about a young woman who at the age of twenty four, discovers that she has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and needs extensive chemotherapy.  It tells of her shock at finding out that she has cancer and how she feels her whole life has just fallen away from her.  The year is 1989 and she explains how the treatment was twenty years ago. It describes her path through chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and the effects that this treatment had on her.  It gives an account of how she was left infertile and how this affected her and her plans with her husband for a family.  Also the third blow to find out that she had developed Breast cancer too.  It is a very inspiring story how she battled through this passage in her life and came out the other side.
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    Positive Energy: Illuminate Unlimited Energy will take you deep into the three important meanings in your whole life. The first is your BaZi DNA. BaZi means you will know what will happen in your life because its already been chosen for you. All this is based from God; we cant change it, neither will natural human influentials. Reading and understanding the content contained in these pages will help you in balancing out your energies and the worlds energies around you.
    The second is about your luck which is based on your Zodiac Fortune. This is basic from the month and year you were born. Asia has over 6,000 years knowledge on this information already. The information is followed by the moon, stars, and the sun. Weve used that information since 2006. This also means this does not only work on just Asian people, but also everyone else as well. This is about knowledge only and not based on religion. 
    The third is Feng Shui. Feng Shui mostly has to do with the inside and outside energy of the house. You want to try to have positive energy in your house so you can have positive results. The book details with examples of house positions. When you have a positive house, your life situations change. Your money gets better, your relationship will grow, youll be feeling better at work, and the arguments will ease. 
    These are the three steps you should follow to improve your life. Positive Energy: Illuminate Unlimited Energy will provide a step-by-step guide. If you succeed on the first and second steps, you will know who we are and how to help yourself and your loved ones.. As humans we are like a big tree, the first and second steps are like the trees roots. The third step is giving a vitamin to the tree. So if you want to live prosperously, we have to fix the roots first not just fill ourselves with nutrients.
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  • Universal Healing Manual - Training Manual - cover

    Universal Healing Manual -...

    John James

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    UNIVERSAL HEALING: is an Ancient, Angelic Distance Energy Healing System, Mainly For Internal, Self Healing And may be Used To Give hands on Healing; To Other People, You channel white, matter. And different types of matter. 
    In this Universal Healing: you have control over this energy flow. It may be possible to slow this healing, it is not possible to stop it completely. 
    The 1st level Attunment 
    After this attunement: for the first three months you are not alone, call and I will send you free healing, and advice about universal healing; by text or email. 
    The 1st level attunment will connect you to source, and allow a flow of light through you to take place.  Once you are attuned, you will have control, over your own healing energy flow. This healing is on all the time; even if you are incapacitated. 
    This energy will work constantly to regenerate your bodies physical systems. This flow at first will be felt, then in time you will not be a where of its flow, you will be used to it, when you have a pain in your body; instead of trying to ignore it, think about it: ask for the pain to stop; the pain will decrease. 
    (Pain is a way the body lets you know, there is a problem area, you need to work on; sometimes long term problems, may take you time to find within you; what you need to work on to clear it) 
    Think about the area, and it will receive healing. 
    The 2nd level Attunment 
    On this level you will be given tools of empowerment: These are diagrams of energy tools. Most off these special abilities you already have, and are unaware off: These tools will in time enhance the gifts within you. 
    Each person has there own abilities, as you use these diagrams within your body, to heal your internal body systems, you will improve the manifestation part of your brain. This is the part of your brain that manifests your every day life, that allows you to walk through this play ground I call life path.  Of course this process is not easy, but its fun. 
    The Master Attunment 
    This is the level you will be taught how to do the attunements: This is a simple process to teach you how to pass on this healing system to other people; the power within you has increased. 
    The ability to regenerate tissue within you has increased, now your internal BA and KA channels are starting to increase in strength, and are used to heal your internal body systems with more efficiency. 
    Channels: the main ones are the meridians: the KA channels and the fine BA channels, these flow through the immune system, and through the minute cell matrix systems; this is where most of the problems arise when the body starts to break down. In a domino effect through out the bodies physical Holographic matrix. 
    All this is irrelevant because you don't need to know all this, to use this healing system. 
    IE if you drive a car you only need to know how to drive it. There is no need to know, how to fix it, for this you call in an expert mechanic. 
    Its the same for universal healing, to fix your self call in the angels and they will fix you. 
    Most of your self healing, and expansion, and learning; has now taken place, from this point on, you will receive information and guidance: from me as an equal. 
    The 2nd phase level 
    This is an expansion of your physical and emotional awareness you will feel peace throughout your being, this expansion may be felt by every one around you, they may see the difference in you, as you gain more control over the environment around you. 
    The Grand master Attunment 
    This attunement will in time dispel completely the egos control over you, bringing you into balance. Allowing the I am Presence to shine through.
    Your peaceful light, may shine around you, for about 200 miles. (this is your aura)
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