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Men Also Have a Soul - cover

Men Also Have a Soul

Alain Habib

Publisher: Alain Habib

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There is only one thing more difficult than understanding feminism, it's to explain it. For the huge majority of the people, feminism is exactly or more or less what it claims to be: a struggle of women for equality between the sexes. Actually, this is not what feminism is. It has in fact more to see with a means of government of modern states that with a war between sexes. Abraham Lincoln once said: « You can't fool all of the people all the time ». He was wrong, you can. The proof that you can is that feminism does it. This book, however, does not try to explain the hidden nature of feminism. It is not a theory about feminism. It only points out some contradictions in the feminist logomachy. And it's not so bad.

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    However, both of these approaches are fundamentally wrong.  We know that neither of these are routes show any difference to the happiness of those people who pursue them.  Both are misguided attempts to attain a better life. 
    Instead, research has shown that there is a third way, a proven way that offers practical steps to increasing your happiness.  It does encourage you to be proactive, but it does it in a way that trains your mind to adopt a more positive outlook.  By forming positive habits we can fundamentally alter our mindset.   
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    Nowadays, we are more health conscious than before. This is evident in the clamor for everything organic and natural. Whether it is our foods, or beauty products, a large number of us now stay away from artificial additives having embraced the growing trend to go natural. Now when it comes to our health and well being, it only makes sense to use herbal remedies which are all-natural, safe and affordable as opposed to expensive and risky pharmaceuticals.  
    Herbs have been in use for millions of years for treatment and consumption purposes. They are proven and established natural methods for treating infections and minor ailments.  In this book, Mel Hawley, author of the “Big Book of Essential Oils for Healing” and “The Big Book Of Essential Oil For Beauty” presents safer, cheaper, less-time consuming and highly effective ways to treat these ailments in the comfort of your home. 
    Whether you are battling a cold, headache, allergy, fever, psoriasis or weight loss, you can effectively address it with  herbal teas, capsules, syrups, tinctures, poultices, salves, compresses and many more herbal forms to improve your health. 
    This Book Also Contains: 
    • In-depth profiles and explanations of the 5 must-have herbs and 25 of the most commonly used herbs  
    • Separate information on herbs; how they work, how they are used and their benefits 
    • An extensive section devoted to safety and preparation tips; detailing preventative actions, procedure to follow, storage and labeling. 
    • 145 herbal remedies to soothe and heal for common ailments and injuries naturally 
    • Different approaches to an ailment in simple and clear, concise instructions 
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