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Desperate Mom Turns To Incest - Quarantined And Desperate No1 - cover

Desperate Mom Turns To Incest - Quarantined And Desperate No1

A.J. Mayes

Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.

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What would you do if you’re locked down in your home indefinitely? Most people go insane. After enduring a time of sexual frustration, will Abby and her son make the best of a desperate situation? As you read these accounts of passions unleashed, try to put yourself into the characters' roles and then see if you can find fault. Although they sink deeper and deeper into wanton behavior, they, at least, get a taste of all those pleasures so many of us miss.

Abby pushed her chair back from the patio table and hopped up. “I’ll get us beers while you finish your second burger, son.”

“You’re letting me drink, mom?”

“Why not? You’re not driving. And you’ll be attending keg parties at whatever fraternity you join this fall. Be right back.”

She rushed inside, and grabbing two bottles of beer from the fridge, took a breath. “You can do this.”

With the sun under the horizon as she returned, she handed him a bottle and looked up. “Oh, look. We have a full moon tonight.”

“Yep.” He took a sip of beer and grinned. “I like skinny dipping under a full moon.”

“Mmm. I do, too. Go turn off the pool light, son.”

“Does that mean what I think it does?”

“Yes, tiger.” She gazed into his eyes. “It does.”

“Shit.” He jumped up, ran to a wall of the house, and, flipping a switch, jogged back. “You know your going to get me revved up, right, mom?”

“I intended to, son. Finish your beer.”

He grabbed the bottle and chugged the beer. “Done.”

She laughed. “I guess you’re excited, tiger. Sit. I want to give you a show.”

“Can’t wait.”

With her heart in her throat, she moved to the edge of the pool, and turning her back to him, untied her bikini. She dropped the pieces to the coping, bent at the waist, then ran her hands down her legs. Her blood started to boil as she rose. Slowly turning, she placed her hands on her waist and gave him a devilish grin. “Like what you see, tiger?”

“Hell, yes, mom.”

“Okay. Come and get me, son.” She dove into the pool.

She swam underwater to the far wall, and surfacing in chest-deep water, smiled when she saw him dive in. He rose beside her, pushed her against the plaster, and his eyes smoldering, ran fingers over her cheek. “Are you sure?”

“Nope. But I don’t have a choice. This stupid quarantine shut my sex life down, and now, I’m desperate. We’re doing this.” She traced random circles on his chest. “Promise me one thing.”


“Don’t hate me for being weak.”

“I could never hate you. We’re making the best of a bad situation. Love you, mom.”

“Love you, too. Now, kiss me.”

He pressed his mouth over hers, and tongues desperately meshed as one. The kiss long and lingering, she ground her body against his. He lifted her, hooked his arms under her knees, then pressed her back against the coping. “I’m so ready, I won’t last long.”

“I’m on fire. I’ll be quick, too. Now, shut up and—My God. You’re huge.”

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