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Dark Master - Submissive Delivered To The Lord Of Crime - cover

Dark Master - Submissive Delivered To The Lord Of Crime

Aina Castillo

Publisher: Aina Castillo

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Evan Morrow is a true monster.
The worst man I have ever met.
He is sadistic, insensitive, domineering and lethal.
And he runs his mob with an iron fist. 

I was his next victim. Scared to death.
He already had the chains on his wrists.
The necklace on his neck. And no hope.
It was the end of my life. Kidnapped. Slave. 

And then I saw his black leather shoes.
I brought it from him to measure. His broad shoulders.
And his eyes ice cold, devouring me.
He barked at the men from him and they released me. 

They put me in his car.
They took me to his mansion.
And they locked me in a room.
A cage with silk sheets. 

Morrow appeared the next day.
He gave me two options. No more.
He could leave, get my life back, and forget everything.
Or I could stay. There. With the. 

Morrow was a monster without a conscience.
And he saw in me his last chance.
The only one capable of redeeming him.
I chose to stay.

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    A repressed vampire princess. A handsome stranger. A forbidden night that changes everything. 
    Next in line to lead the vampire species, Naya Kensington is set to mate with a male of her parents’ choosing. But before she’s trapped in a loveless relationship forever, she breaks the rules and crosses the river to attend a new nightclub. 
    Discontent and numb, everything changes when she meets Vaughn Llewelyn. He’s unlike any human she’s ever met before, and he makes her feel something again. 
    What Naya doesn’t know is that Vaughn is a cat-shifter, and once he senses Naya, he and his cat want her. 
    Breaking her own rules, Naya takes Vaughn home for the night and does the unthinkable. 
    She drinks his blood. Something she’s only allowed to do from other vampires—and never from a male she’s not mated with. 
    Neither Naya nor Vaughn could imagine how this act will change both of their lives forever…as well as the world of everyone around them.
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