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Collins College Outlines: Western Civilization from 1500 - cover

Collins College Outlines: Western Civilization from 1500

Ahmed Ibrahim

Publisher: Collins Reference

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The Collins College Outline for Western Civilization from 1500 covers all major political, social, and cultural events from the beginning of the "Modern Age" in 1492 through the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, Napoleon, the Depression, the World Wars, and the Cold War, continuing up through history's most recent crises and developments in the early twenty-first century. Completely revised and updated by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Western Civilization from 1500 includes practical "test yourself" sections with answers and complete explanations at the end of each chapter. Also included are bibliographies for further reading, as well as maps, timelines, and illustrations.The Collins College Outlines are a completely revised, in-depth series of study guides for all areas of study, including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Language, History, and Business. Featuring the most up-to-date information, each book is written by a seasoned professor in the field and focuses on a simplified and general overview of the subject for college students and, where appropriate, Advanced Placement students. Each Collins College Outline is fully integrated with the major curriculum for its subject and is a perfect supplement for any standard textbook.
Available since: 09/27/2011.
Print length: 384 pages.

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    For upper beginners of Japanese and higher. 
    Learn Japanese vocabulary while listening to the stories of Momotaro and Usagi to Kame (Tortoise and the Hare). 
    Both stories are presented in four ways: 
    1) Story read slowly 
    2) Story read line-by-line followed by vocabulary in Japanese and English 
    3) Story read normal speed 
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    This audiobook was designed to be enjoyed without the need of any written material. 
    Momotaro: Momotaro is perhaps the most famous Japanese folktale. An old couple raise a baby found within a giant peach. This Momotaro grows up to lead a party of animals (monkey, dog, and pheasant) against the terrible oni monsters. 
    Usagi to Kame: This is the well-known Aesop's fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. You know the story. Now understand it in Japanese! 
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    A symbol of modernity, the Viennese Secession was defined by the rebellion of twenty artists who were against the conservative Vienna Künstlerhaus' oppressive influence over the city, the epoch, and the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    Influenced by Art Nouveau, this movement (created in 1897 by Gustav Klimt, Carl Moll, and Josef Hoffmann) was not an anonymous artistic revolution. Defining itself as a “total art”, without any political or commercial constraint, the Viennese Secession represented the ideological turmoil that affected craftsmen, architects, graphic artists, and designers from this period. Turning away from an established art and immersing themselves in organic, voluptuous, and decorative shapes, these artists opened themselves to an evocative, erotic aesthetic that blatantly offended the bourgeoisie of the time.
    Painting, sculpture, and architecture are addressed by the authors and highlight the diversity and richness of a movement whose motto proclaimed “for each time its art, for each art its liberty” – a declaration to the innovation and originality of this revolutionary art movement.
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  • Dog Training for Beginners - Everything You Need to Know to Train Your Pet with Easy with Crate Training Potty Training and Obedience Training - cover

    Dog Training for Beginners -...

    Brian McMillan

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