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SharePoint 2016 Search Explained: SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search On-Premises Cloud and Hybrid for Search Managers and Decision Makers - cover

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SharePoint 2016 Search Explained: SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search On-Premises Cloud and Hybrid for Search Managers and Decision Makers

Agnes Molnar

Publisher: Search Explained

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SharePoint 2016 comes with major changes in how Search works, including a new and enhanced Hybrid Search model. Regardless of whether your organization is on-premises only or in the cloud with some content and/or applications, this book will help you create a search strategy when considering SharePoint 2016. World-renowned consultant and author Agnes Molnar helps you plan and implement a SharePoint 2016 / Office 365 search environment that meets the needs of your business. 
This must-have book covers the following SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Search topics: 
- Business Cases and Challenges 
- Requirements Gathering 
- Search Based Applications 
- How the Search Engine works - Overview 
- Search User Experience 
- Metadata 
- Search in Office 365 
- Office Graph and Delve 
- Search Quality Management
Available since: 06/15/2016.

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    Unveil the secrets of the Lean system and learn how to revolutionize your business! 
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    So if you want to transform the way you operate your business, escape the endless treadmill of unoptimized business models, and create the results you’ve always dreamed of, then it’s time to learn how Lean can help you.Scroll up and buy now to unveil the Secrets of Lean today!
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