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Heart Disease: Treating Heart Disease: Preventing Heart Disease - cover

Heart Disease: Treating Heart Disease: Preventing Heart Disease

Ace McCloud

Publisher: Pro Mastery Publishing

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Protect your Heart to Live Well! 
Whether you want to (1) prevent heart disease, (2) learn how to treat or heal various heart ailments, or (3) gain all the benefits of a healthy heart, this book will teach you everything you need to know. 
Help your Heart and you Help Everything Else! 
Your heart serves your whole body, so it makes sense to ensure that your heart is functioning optimally. A healthy heart can optimize the functioning of your internal organs, regulate your digestive system, and help you breathe easier. The information in this book can keep your heart beating strong, your mind alert, and your body pulsing with energy. 
Eat to Promote Vibrant Living! 
Discover key foods that promote a healthy heart. Take advantage of easy-to-follow dietary guidelines that will increase the proper functioning of your heart. I’ve compiled a list of the best things you can eat to help your heart and circulatory system to operate at their very best. 
Beat the Odds! 
They say nearly one in three Americans dies from heart disease, but you can overcome these odds. Focus on keeping your heart strong and the rest of your body will be healthier as a result. Follow clear instructions on how to create a heart-healthy lifestyle that will serve both your mind and body for the rest of your life. 
Embrace Activity! 
Your heart is a muscle. Even though it is constantly beating, your heart is like a car engine that idles constantly, but it benefits from regularly revving it up to run at highway speeds, just to keep everything circulating properly. This means moving your body around on a regular basis, but I’m not talking about boring exercises! No, almost anything you do that causes your heart to beat faster for a while can be considered a form of heart exercise: walking, moving furniture around, cleaning, climbing stairs, and many everyday pursuits can fall into this category. In this book you’ll be able to take advantage of practical steps to consistently strengthen your heart via daily activities you can build into your life. 
What Will You Discover About Heart Disease?What causes heart disease.Modern medical treatments for heart conditions.The best foods to eat to increase your heart health.All-natural remedies and supplements to treat and prevent heart disease.How to relieve stress and shield your heart from the damages of stress. 
You Will Also Learn:The best activities to boost heart health.Healthy lifestyle choices for a stronger heart.How a healthy heart can lift your mood and keep you bright and alert all day.How your healthy heart contributes to strong bones, muscles, breathing, and digestion.Key physical therapies and exercises that strengthen your heart. 
Optimize your cardiovascular system. 
Give your heart the boost it deserves: Buy It Now!

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    What to Do When You’re New combines the author’s research with that of leading scientists to explain why we are so uneasy in new situations—and how we can learn to become more confident and successful newcomers. With practice, anyone can get better at being new. This original book opens your eyes to the necessary skills and teaches you how to: 
    Overcome fearsMake great first impressionsTalk to strangers with easeGet up to speed quicklyConnect with people wherever you go 
    Blending stories and insights with simple techniques and exercises, this one-of-a-kind guide will get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things in no time.
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    Mindfulness for Life is the only book you'll ever need on mindfulness and has been for over 4 years. Since its release in 2012, Mindfulness for Life has established itself as the essential resource for those searching for the intangible qualities often lost in the fast pace of modern day life.  
    It shows you how to apply mindfulness techniques to your own life whether you need help with medical conditions, personal development or spiritual development. 
    This modern classic includes chapters on:
    stress and ageing
    attention deficit orders
    pain, weight management
    eating disorders
    heart disease and stroke
    sporting enhancement; 
    enlightenment development.
    Mindfulness for Life is written by two experts in the field who bring the medical perspective of an international authority on mindfulness and the psychological perspective of a researcher. The result is this highly regarded title that translates the scientific principles behind mindfulness into a simple, practical and accessible manual to applying mindfulness - for life. Only a few minutes a day can start to change your life. 
    With multiple reprints since its first release, find out today why Mindfulness for Life continues to change lives and remains a forerunner in the ongoing 'Mindfulness Revolution'.
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