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Mad Mabon

Kathia Iblis, Rena Marin, Tiffany Carby, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, M. Rain Ranalli, Krystle Able

After Ever After

Tara Dawn, Erin Lee, Bella Emy, Rena Marin, Caitlin McCulloch, LJC Fynn, Lorah Jaiyn

The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge

Rena Marin


Mila Waters, Skylar McKinzie, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, Lorah Jaiyn, Hope Sherrill, Caitlin L McCulloch

Freaky Fetish

Tara Dawn, Erin Lee, Rena Marin, BeBe Harlow, Stacy Sparks, Luce Lokhorst

Villains Ever After

Erin Lee, Bella Emy, Mila Waters, Rena Marin, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie

The Guardians - The Tempest Isle Series #1

Rena Marin, S.C. Storm

Halloween Nightmare - Dead Oak Terrors #1

Skylar McKinzie, Rena Marin