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Nocturnal Natures

Sammi Cox, Paul Stansbury, Pamela Jeffs, Charles Brown, Zimbell House Publishing, Michael Evis, James Pyne, David W. Landrum, Kara Dennison, Gary Wosk, Lucy Ann Fiorini, Sharon Frame Gay, Lana Cooper, Ben Finateri, Christina Ortega Phillips, Gerry Wojtowicz

Inversion - Not Your Ordinary Stories

Paul Stansbury

The Society of Misfit Stories PresentsVolume One

James Dorr, Milo James Fowler, Derek Muk, Paul Stansbury, Rafe McGregor, Fred McGavran, Ace Antonio Hall, Brian Koukol, Deven Greene, O'Brian Gunn, Sonny Zae

Mirrors & Thorns: An OWS Dark Fairy Tale Anthology

Lucy Palmer, S. L. Scott, Paul Stansbury, Edward Ahern, T. S. Dickerson, J. Lee Strickland, C.L. Bledsoe, Cassidy Taylor, J.K. Allen, J.M. Ames, Kerry E. B. Black, Melanie Noell Bernard, Sarah Nour, Stacy Overby

Down By the Creek - Ripples and Reflections

Paul Stansbury