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Game of Mind Manipulation

Instafo, Edwin Piers

Weight Loss Foods Mistakes - 15 Healthy Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight and Dieting (Instafool)


Online Trading and Stock Investing for Beginners

Instafo, Michael Wells

Anti-Distraction - Quick Methods to Not Get Distracted


Anti-Laziness - Quick Methods to Stop Being Lazy


Anti-Bullying - Quick Methods to Deal with Bullies


Debt Elimination and Wealth Creation for Beginners - The Easy Way to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth from Nothing: Baby Beginners

Michael Wells, Instafo

How to Get It Done?

Instafo, Claire Hayes

Retirement Savings and Investing for Beginners

Instafo, Michael Wells

Anonymize Yourself - The Art of Anonymity to Achieve Your Ambition in the Shadows and Protect Your Identity Privacy and Reputation

Instafo, Derek Drake

Get Taller Now!

Instafo, Jamie Strauss

Tooth Regrowth

Instafo, Danielle Ross

Worldly Traveler - Your Guide to Traveling Around the World 24 7 365 by Yourself (with Little to No Money!)

Jack Howard, Instafo

Better Hearing - How to Improve Hearing without Hearing Aid and Treat Tinnitus Naturally

Instafo, Adam Mills

Easier Smarter Problem Solving - How to Come Up with Simple Solutions to Any Problem in Life

Instafo, Debra Morrison

Potentials Unlocked - Keys to Unlock Your Potentials and Uncover Your Hidden Talents

Leon Stanford, Instafo

The One of Power - Teamwork Skills for Building and Managing Your One Dream Team

Frederick Boyd, Instafo

Liar Detector

Instafo, Edwin Piers

Body Empowerment - Unearth the Force of Your Body


Learn Any Language Fast - Effective Strategies for Learning Any Language Fast

Instafo, Anthony Baker

Con Artistry - How to Spot and Deal With a Con Artist to Avoid the Different Types of Scams

Instafo, Edwin Piers

Heart Empowerment


Mind Empowerment


Soul Empowerment


From Mess to Minimalism - Obliterate Your Mess Organize Your Space Optimize Your Life


The Handy-Dandy Home Repair Guide - Common Household Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Todd McGee, Instafo

Happily Ever Grateful - Live Happier Through Gratitude(and Stop Whining About Life)

Angela Hartley, Instafo

Faster Better Decision-Making - How to Make Good Decisions Quickly in Your Daily Life

Debra Morrison

Practical Hypnosis - Influence People Improve Your Health & Achieve Your Goals

Xavier Zand