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Young Readers

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Spirit Walker

Paul Sullivan

Buzz Beaker and the Cave Creatures

Cari Meister

Mudskippers and Other Extreme Fish Adaptations

Jody Rake

Queen of Hearts

Colleen Oakes

Paddington Abroad

Michael Bond

Killing Mr Griffin

Lois Duncan

The Prince and the Pauper

Mark Twain

Medical Marvels - The Next 100 Years of Medicine

Agnieszka Biskup

Junior Classics Volume 7: Stories of Courage and Heroism

William Patten

Diabetes-Aware Diets

Mari Schuh

Letters from a Cat

Helen Hunt Jackson

Straight and Curvy Meek and Nervy - More about Antonyms

Brian P. Cleary

You Can Write an Amazing Journal

Jennifer Fandel


Andrew Lang

Stars of Football

Mari Schuh

Clouds - Earth Science - Weather Report Discovery Library

Ted O'Hare

The First Cars

Roberta Baxter

Endangered and Extinct Amphibians

Candice Ransom


Tyler Maine


Jennifer Rush

Historic Sites & Monuments

David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

Ben Gives a Gift

Sara E. Hoffmann


Janet Riehecky

Sharing a Shell

Julia Donaldson, Lydia Monks

I Drive a Tractor

PhD Sarah Bridges

Patterns Outside

Daniel Nunn

Zombie Cupcakes - And Other Scary Tales

Michael Dahl

Unnatural Selections

Wallace Edwards

Farm Animals

Twin Sisters Productions

Clever Rachel

Debby Waldman, Cindy Revell