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The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories

Robert Louis Stevenson

When Darkness Falls

Heather Graham


John Saul

Stakeout at the Vampire Circus

Kevin J. Anderson

Innocence - A Novel

Dean Koontz

The Admiral

O. Henry

Count Magnus

M.R. James

Ways of Escape

J.D. Beresford

The Unloved

John Saul

The Eternal Actress

Nev Fountain

Christmas Carol A

Charles Dickens

I Left My Haunt In San Francisco

Mark Everett Stone

The Haunted Hotel A Mystery of Modern Venice

Wilkie Collins

The Curse of Shurafa

Rob Morris

One Law for the Rich

Stacy Aumonier

Bone Pit - Gina Mazzio Book 3

Bette Golden Lamb, J. Lamb


James Herbert

Select Stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe


Robert Louis Stevenson

The Black Cat

Edgar Allan Poe

Diary of a Succubus

James Patterson, Derek Nikitas

Collinwood Christmas A

Lizzie Hopley

Modern Utopia A

H. G. Wells


Bram Stoker

Number 13

M.R. James

Case Of The Burning Skull

Ralph Cosham

Short Ghost and Horror Collection 004

Various Various

The Rock of Chickamauga

Joseph A. Altsheler

The Sadist's Bible

Nicole Cushing

The Lamplighter

Charles Dickens