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Foreign Languages

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Rapid Turkish Vol 1

Earworms Learning

A Teacher and A Friend

Cathy Mackey Davis

Top 25 German Questions You Need to Know

Innovative Language Learning

Playwriting 101 - A Quick Guide on Writing and Producing Your First Play Step by Step from A to Z

HowExpert, Marsh Cassady

Learn Conversational Swahili Vol 2 - Lessons 31-50 For beginners Learn in your car Learn on the go Learn wherever you are


Super Simple Story Structure - A Quick Guide to Plotting and Writing Your Novel

L. M. Lilly

Spanish for You!

Penton Overseas

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Janet Hardy-Gould

How to be an Expert Speaker - 30 Minute Success Series

Brad Worthley

Rapid Arabic Vol 1

Earworms Learning

One-Way Ticket: Short Stories

Jennifer Bassett

Power French 3 Accelerated - Learn to Quickly Speak Advanced Level French and Enjoy the Process!

Mark Frobose

Quickstart Chinese

Select Publishing Group

The True Vine

Andrew Murray

Jake's Parrot - Dominoes: Level One

Paul Hearn, Yetis Ozkan

Why Not Retire and Become a Writer? - A Seniors Guide to Having a Retirement Career Publishing Books

Scott Smith

The Man in the Brown Suit - B2

Agatha Christie

Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jeremy Page

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell, John Scott

A Missionary’s Daughter In Haiti

Apricot Irving

Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author

MK Williams

Words and Rules - The Ingredients Of Language

Steven Pinker

Spanish Verb Conjugation And Tenses Practice Volume V - Learn Spanish Verb Conjugation With Step By Step Spanish Examples Quick And Easy In Your Car Lesson By Lesson

Authentic Language Books

Writing to Persuade - How to Bring People Over to Your Side

Trish Hall

In Time Of The Breaking Of Nations

Thomas Hardy

Learn Italian: Must-Know Italian Slang Words & Phrases (Extended Version)

Innovative Language Learning

Selfpublishing Unboxed

Patty Jansen

Develop and Deliver Effective Presentations - A 10-Step Process to Plan Practice and Rehearse a Presentation on Any Business Topic

Natasha Terk

Learn Conversational Mandarin Chinese - Vol 1 Lessons 1-30 For beginners Learn in your car Learn on the go Learn wherever you are


How to Write a Novel

Simon Haynes