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Science & Technology

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Old-Time Makers of Medicine

James Joseph Walsh

Relaxing Sound of Ocean Waves - Ambient Audio for Gentle Relaxation Meditation Deep Sleep Yoga Spa and Lounge

Greg Cetus

The Prospective Mother

J. Morris Slemons

Menopause Confidential - A Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Thriving Through Midlife

M.D. Tara Allmen

Agile Adoption Made Easy

Kevin Aguanno

Pale Blue Dot - A Vision of the Human Future in Space

Carl Sagan

Clinical Medicine For Nurses

Paul H. Ringer

How to Do Chemical Tricks

A. T. Anderson

Great Astronomers

Robert Stawell Ball

Computer Maintenance Hacks

Life 'n' Hack

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

Mark J. Plotkin

Just So Stories (version 2)

Rudyard Kipling

The Elements of Botany

William Ruschenberger

Diary of a Minecraft Noob Steve Book 6: Biff's Curse - An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book

MC Steve

The Wonders of the Jungle

Sarath Kumar Ghosh

Doctor Chopra Says - Medical Facts & Myths Everyone Should Know

Sanjiv Chopra, Alan Lotvin, David Fisher

Memoirs of a White Elephant

Judith Gautier

Natural Selection - Science Foundations

J. Phil Gibson, Terri R. Gibson

The Outline of Science Vol 2

J. Arthur Thomson

How Audio Works

Vincent Musolino

Pebble Beach - Ocean Waves for Lucid Dreaming

Greg Cetus

The Chemical History of A Candle

Michael Faraday

The Sun's Babies

Edith Howes

The Fabric of Autism - Weaving the Threads into a Cogent Theory

Judith Bluestoner

Lectures on Tropical Diseases

Patrick Manson

The Insight Series

Matthew Radmanesh

Little Bear

Laura Rountree Smith

Six Little Ducklings

Katharine Pyle

Our Cats and All About Them

Harrison Weir

Peace On Earth Good-Will to Dogs

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott