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Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Musicians

Elbert Hubbard

The Saboteur - The Aristocrat Who Became France's Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando

Paul Kix

Rogue Spooks - The Intelligence War on Donald Trump

Dick Morris, Eileen McGann

Saving Freedom - We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism

Jim DeMint

Macat Analysis of John C Calhoun’s A Disquisition on Government A

Etienne Stockland, Jason Xidias

Meet Frederick Douglass

Dr. Charles Margerison

The Gilded Rage - A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump's America

Alexander Zaitchik

His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Three Essays on Religion

John Stuart Mill

Farewell to Justice A - Jim Garrison JFK's Assassination and the Case That Should Have Changed History

Joan Mellen

The Conservatarian Manifesto - Libertarians Conservatives and the Fight for the Right's Future

Charles C. W. Cooke

World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements

John Hunter

Cocoa and Chocolate

Arthur William Knapp

The Miracle of the Kurds - A Remarkable Story of Hope Reborn in Northern Iraq

Stephen Mansfield

You are Old Father William

Lewis Carrol

America the Beautiful - Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great

Ben Carson M.D.

Dot and the Kangaroo (version 2)

Ethel C. Pedley

Angry White Male - How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America--and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class

Wayne Allyn Root

Worm - The First Digital World War

Mark Bowden

Macat Analysis of Thomas Paine's Common Sense A

Ian Jackson

Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau

The 9 11 Commission Report

Multiple Authors

Flyover Nation - You Can't Run a Country You've Never Been To

Dana Loesch


Dick Morris, Eileen McGann

The Queen - The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second "Clinton Era"

Hugh Hewitt

Macat Analysis of Odd Arne Westad's The Global Cold War A: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times

Patrick Glen, Bryan R. Gibson

On America's Prison Industrial Complex

Russell Simons

Problem From Hell A - America and the Age of Genocide

Samantha Power

Social Security Works! - Why Social Security Isn't Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All

Nancy Altman, Eric Kingson

What Works - Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America

Cal Thomas