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Humanities & Social Sciences

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The Power of Different - The Link Between Disorder and Genius

M.D. Gail Saltz

The Liberation of Insight

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Addendum Democracy & Information Communication Technology

Patapios Tranakas

Live from New York City

Shakti Gawain

Spanish Cavalier

Charlotte Maria Tucker

Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D'Souza

Blood Feud - The Clintons vs the Obamas

Edward Klein

The Two-sidedness of Emotions

J.M. Kuczynski

The Journey of Life

William Cullen Bryant

If We Had No Belief What Would Happen to Us? - Ojai 1949 - Public Talk 3

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hero Tales - How Common Lives Reveal the Heroic Spirit of America

Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge

The 33 - Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine and the Miracle that Set Them Free

Héctor Tobar

Book Summary of Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday


Little Bear's First Christmas

Judy Nayer

The Trial of Charles I - A Contemporary Account Taken from the Memoirs of Sir Thomas Herbert and John Rushworth

Roger Lockyer

Ten Days that Shook the World

John Reed

Egyptian Tales translated from the Papyri Series Two: XVIIIth to XIXth Dynasty

William Matthew Flinders Petrie

Small Talk - How to Talk to Anyone in Any Situation Improve Your Charisma Social Skills & Be Instantly Likeable

Robert Clarke

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Megan E. Ash

Romeo and Juliet

Annaliese F. Connolly

Macat Analysis of Arjun Appadurai’s Modernity at Large A: Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation

Amy Young Evrard

Irritable Hearts - A PTSD Love Story

Mac McClelland

Annals Vol 2

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Control Your Anger Before it Controls You - Re-program Your Angry Reactions

Lynda Hudson

The Five Keys to Mastery - Opening Doors to Lifelong Success

George Leonard

Speech to the Army

Alexander the Great

Visiting Padre Pio - Be Embraced By A Spiritual Master Mystic And Holy Saint

Max Highstein

FDR 1940 DNC Speech

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

History of England from the Accession of James II The - (Volume 4 Chapter 19)

Thomas Babington Macaulay

There Goes My Social Life - From Clueless to Conservative

Stacey Dash