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Comics & Graphic Novel

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Kidnapped (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Illustrated Classics

Robert Louis Stevenson

How To Write Comic Strips - A Quick Guide on Writing Funny Gags and Comic Strip Panels

HowExpert, John Zakour

Jimmy Sniffles vs the Mummy

Scott Nickel


Bram Stoker

Just Jaime

Terri Libenson

The Making of Abrahammer - The remarkable (but slightly curious) transformation of an eight-year-old boy who found his inner hero

Michael Krape, Gaston Vanzet

Tale of Two Cities A (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Illustrated Classics

Charles Dickens

Tracking an Assassin! - Nickolas Flux and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Nel Yomtov

Cuphead in Carnival Chaos - A Cuphead Novel

Ron Bates

Dracula (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Illustrated Classics

Bram Stoker

Peril in Pompeii! - Nickolas Flux and the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Nel Yomtov

Taming of the Shrew The (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Graphic Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press

Kay Olson

Airplane Adventure

Cari Meister

Beowulf - Monster Slayer: a British Legend

Paul D. Storrie

Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty The (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Illustrated Classics

William Bligh

True Stories of the Civil War

Nel Yomtov

Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone

Jennifer Fandel

Jason - Quest for the Golden Fleece: a Greek Myth

Jeff Limke

The Cat That Disappeared

Lori Mortensen

Tunneling to Freedom - The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III

Nel Yomtov

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Joe Dunn

The Adventures Of Archie Andrews

NBC Radio

Christmas Carol A (A Graphic Novel Audio) - Illustrated Classics

Charles Dickens

Timmy Failure - The Cat Stole My Pants

Stephan Pastis

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

Behind Enemy Lines - The Escape of Robert Grimes with the Comet Line

Matt Chandler

Swamp Sting!

Blake Hoena

The Incredible Rockhead vs Papercut!

Scott Nickel

Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain - The Story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce

Agnieszka Biskup