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Short Stories

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The Game Played in the Dark

Ernest Bramah

The Birthplace

Henry James

Fair Tales of Fowl

H. G. Wells, Arthur Morrison, Saki Saki

Short Story Collection

Various Authors

The Prisoner of Zembla

O. Henry

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Kayray's Storytime

Various Authors

Relics of General Chassé

Anthony Trollope

Ways of Escape

J.D. Beresford

Crimson and the Battle of Lonely Mountain

Valerie Pike

Mistress of the Undead

Lazar Levi

So very Inquisative

Thomas Thursday

Body Snatcher The [Classic Tales Edition]

Robert Louis Stevenson

Neap-Tide Madness

E. Phillips Oppenheim


Marietta Holley

In a German Pension

Katherine Mansfield

Candle A

Leo Tolstoy

The Taming: Mystery Crime

Teresa Toten

Six Short Stories by Arthur Morrison

Arthur Morrison

Mr Bloke's Item

Mark Twain

Short Story Collection Vol 031

Various Various

The Star

H. G. Wells

Deal in Ostriches A

H. G. Wells

Short Story Collection Vol 014

Various Various

In the Rundown - A Short Story from '20th Century Ghosts'

Joe Hill

The Cold Embrace

Mary E. Braddon

The Day-Dream

Thomas More

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court A

Mark Twain

Modern Russian Poetry: An Anthology

Various Authors

The Debt

Edith Wharton