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Contemporary Fiction

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Cosmic Christmas

Max Lucado

Midsummer Night's Dream A

William Shakespeare, Edith Nesbit

The Overcrowded Iceberg

Morley Roberts

Love Bomb

Lisa Zeidner

Day with Essemoh A: Early Afternoon

Essemoh Teepee

Dead Wrong

Robert Iles

Glamorous Illusions - A Novel

Lisa T. Bergren

Heart of the Sunset

Rex Beach

The Voice of the Night

Dean Koontz

The Billionaire Rockstar - Part One: Late Night Temptation

Olivia Pierce

Project Mastodon

Clifford D. Simak

The Room

Stacy Aumonier


W.L. Hesse

The Coffee-House of Surat

Leo Tolstoy

The Hummingbird - A Novel

Stephen P. Kiernan


John Galsworthy

The Golden Calf

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

America Before TV - Too Perfect Alibi #2

Multiple Authors

The Third Bullet

Stephen Hunter

Stark Munro Letters

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Echoes of Insanity

D Lynn Smith

Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue (unabridged)

Laura Lee Hope

The House on Foster Hill

Jaime Jo Wright

The Secret of Everything - A Novel

Barbara O'Neal

Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling

Amazing People of Germany

Dr. Charles Margerison

The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse

Beatrix Potter

East is East

Emma Lathen

Price of Duty - A Novel

Dale Brown

The Empty Ones - A Novel

Robert Brockway