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Kari Schuetz

The Armstrong Lie

Carl Amari

High-Performance Selling

Don Hutson


Ira Levin

Twilight in Italy

D. H. Lawrence




Thomas Hardy

Army Letters from an Officer's Wife 1871-1888

Frances M. A. Roe

America Before TV - A Friend To Alexander #1

Multiple Authors

The Difference Maker - Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset

John C. Maxwell

The Cricket on the Hearth

Charles Dickens

Engaged Writing - Hypnosis for Writers; to Enhance Long Term Inspiration

Maggie Dubris

Steel Will - My Journey Through Hell to Become the Man I Was Meant to Be

Shilo Harris, Robin Overby Cox

Henry VIII

William Shakespeare

Murder By Impulse

D.R. Meredith

Sense and Sensibility (version 4)

Jane Austen

20000 Leagues Under The Sea

Jules Verne

World War I

Sir Tony Robinson

Ellington Was Not a Street

Ntozake Shange

Overcoming Failure - Overcoming failure and bouncing back from redundancy

Denis McBrinn

American Men of Action

Burton Egbert Stevenson

Happy Birthday Jesus

Twin Sisters Productions

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (version 3)

Thomas Hardy

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

28 Hosea - 1991

Skip Heitzig

10 simple relaxation exercises

F. Garnier

Girls Made of Snow and Glass - Only one can be queen

Melissa Bashardoust

Swing Trading - A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide to Make Money on the Stock Market with Trend Following Strategies

Matthew G. Carter

Simon Smith and His Dancing Bear

Multiple Authors

Top Basketball Tips

Rebecca Rissman